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Bodhi won't abduct Nathaniel

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Posted 14 June 2020 - 08:19 PM

Hi all,


I know no one's been here in a while, but I've got a problem! (I think?)


I've started playing BG again this year after a very long time away. A while ago I had Nathaniel, but it's been long enough that I can't remember if I ever actually finished his romance.


Anyway, I've got BG2EE on Steam, have Nathaniel and Xan in the party. 


I'm currently in the end-game. Gone through Spellhold, Underdark, etc. I've progressed the romance past the part where Latimer shows up (talks went as normal), and shortly after had the "I love you" conversation with Nathaniel (responded "I love you too"). Also the conversation where he takes off his ring. It's been weeks in game time and nothing else has happened. 


I made a unique save before going to face Bodhi for the last time. She didn't abduct Nathaniel. I played all the way to just before facing Irenicus at the Tree of Life--he says nothing new between Bodhi and Irenicus, and Nathaniel's dialogue before entering the Tree didn't seem "love"y, just friendly. (However I am still able to have all the usual flirts, and he still does sometimes initiate his own randomized flirts.)


Did I do something wrong or miss something?


Edit: One other random thing, when I talk to Asalee (the halfling who is supposed to sell you the pink ioun stone), she always ends dialogue immediately with no options, just always says something about how she'll have ioun stones "any day now." Am I just not far enough along in the romance for that to happen, or what?

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