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Werewolf apperance

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#1 Leoncoeur

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Posted 01 August 2020 - 05:48 AM



After fight with Master Werewolf in Backo Home (Selence sidequest -> Adventurers Markt), my CHARNAME change appearance to Werewolf, like sharpshifter. Hardly son of a bitch... my char get a dozen or so hits, I think after one of them was change this app.


It's only appearance.

Stats, reaction of  teammates/peoples - not involved.


Firstly i thinked that's part of quest or something planned, and I will meet or find "something/somebody" to remove this appearance.

Sadly - no, i finish SoS main quest and nothing. My CHARNAME still looklike werewolf.


Priests in temples cannot help me (no option for priest spells, like 'im fine and don't have any curses to remove).

I looked in shadowkeeper, and there my char has Thief Male appearance (I play as Swashbuckler). I changed this to something (vampire), save, load editet save - still Werewolf  :shifty:

I changed form ingame to wolf (special skill gained via Innershade mod), then back to human form - > hello, i'm werewolf  :doh:


I looked in globals to find something involved in this mess - there is nothing (or I can't recognize which line is up to this).


Any help please?


This appearance start to piss me off  :doh:


(sorry for my grammary :P )

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#2 Greenhorn

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Posted 01 August 2020 - 06:41 AM

Not sure how much help this will be ( as I haven't played SOS) but I did run into something similar in the Drizzt saga. It seems that greater were-something-wolfie infected you with lycanthropy. Did you get saves vs death at it's successful hit on your character? 

#3 Leoncoeur

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Posted 02 August 2020 - 01:53 PM



I don't watch in window with fight communicates. But i think U're right. My first oppinion about this (after fight) was "son-of-a-bitch infected me", and "it will be part of mod content, I find something later".

But nope.


I have save near to this fight and i loaded, replay fight and... after each hit of this furry bastard my character under line with suffer damage has line with "saving throw vs breath weapons". It's not vs death (like U wrote), but i think this is responsible for change app/ lycanthropy curse after fail s-throw. In this second/test fight Master Werewolf hit mi 30-40 times before i decided to finish this, but there was no change, maybe all saving throws were positive? Dunno.


I think we have source of this mess, ok, but in that case it must be in GLOBALS, yes? Like "PLAYERLOOKSLIKEDROW = 1" after Adalon spell in Underdark.

Idon't know: "WEREWOLFCURSE"? "LYCANTROPHY"?, or something like that...

But which line? I don't see anything in GLOBALS, dunno.




Someone known?

#4 Greenhorn

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Posted 02 August 2020 - 10:20 PM

I don't know either but I think if you are affected with lycanthropy it should be end of the game. All I can recommend is that you try to change appearance with NearInfinity tool and/or get good stock of Potions of magic shielding before that particular fight.