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BG2 Improved GUI

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#361 Vlan

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Posted 07 December 2023 - 12:07 PM

Would it be possible to add an option that shows you which global variables have been set during a dialogue or a quest trigger (same notification style than the one which tells you that a new world area on the map has been revealed)? Would be a great debugging tool for running games. 

#362 colo

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Posted 11 February 2024 - 11:26 AM

Custom portrait selection, lower scroll not working.

(I also wonder if it can be made longer, there's a lot of wasted space)

Accept #7

I would *love* for this to be implemented, and hope that BG2 Improved GUI will see its development continued! :) Do you, by any chance, accept donations and/or bounties anywhere?

#363 colo

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Posted 18 February 2024 - 11:38 PM

I'd like to report that the option Fast LOAD/SAVE Screen ("UI:Fast ProgressBar Screen=1" in the INI) breaks all multiplayer support for me, both in a most basic installation (BG2 + TobEx + TobEx Afterlife + BG2 Improved GUI), as well as in a fully modded BGT game, while the unpatched game works fine in multiplayer. Luckily, toggling the option off in TobEx_ini\TobExTweak.ini fixes multiplayer modes, so the game can be played with this amazing mod in effect in other regards.


With said option enabled, all clients hang indefinitely in a non-interactive screen right after joining a game's session. The host can see that the client has joined the session and can elect to kick them in this state, but the client connection/PC never notices this, and has to be killed (via taskmgr) eventually.


It took me the better part of half a weekend to figure out what was going wrong, and I hope this will save someone from going through similar motions ;)

#364 Salk

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Posted 19 February 2024 - 03:14 AM

Let's just hope Insomniator will be back to us in a near future to address your bug report, colo.


I'm also using the Multiplayer start in order to play a solo game with 6 generated characters so that was useful info in my case.

#365 colo

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Posted 19 February 2024 - 04:36 AM

I hope for a re-appearance of Insomniator (one of the coolest nicks I've read online in the last few decades, btw :D) and continuation of this great mod, too :cheers:


I haven't actually tried to start a multiplayer session without any connected clients (but I know that's the preferred way to do what you are doing and have more than CHARNAME be a hero of one's own creation from the get-go), but I assume that would work fine... so I think you can ignore my post for your purposes and enjoy the reduced load times instead :)


In "actully multi-human"-multiplayer with client/server data being passed around on the network, there's probably (I am just speculating, never looked at IE in detail - but I know what programmers tend to do to fix unxpected problems on short notice :D) some time-/wait-based pseudo-synchronisation happening, and that fails to work when expected delays are cut in order to speed things up. So a quick work-around in the mod would probably be to disable the shortcuts taken during save/load if (and only if) more than one player is in the session, in case actually fixing the feature proves hard.