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The Longer Road 2.0.x - combined release for vanilla and EE version

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Posted 06 December 2023 - 09:00 AM

The Longer Road has been updated to version 2.0.7:

### TotoR
- Some variables were not set as they should be (e.g., use SetGlobal("FinalFight","AR6200",3) instead of SetGlobal("FinalFight","AR6200",2)) in redbodhx.bcs and redgdemx.baf
- Update the cutscene for compatibility with Ascension
- Use COMPILE with the .baf file instead of directly copying the .bcs file
- Use 'ref' when possible in the .baf files
- Update FinalA.d to use resimo3 when Imoen is in the party, instead of resimo1, which is used when she is dead
- Update lr6200jon2.baf to check for demogor3 like other enemies
- Fix some small typos in the cutscene

### AL|EN
- remove unicode from translation
- fixed malformed characters in translation
- update IAP


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