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[114] 1ppv4: Softer Spell Effects - CTD

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Posted 11 January 2021 - 02:07 PM


I had recently tried this mod, and it is clearly amazing. Thanks for all the works behind this mod.

After trying to use the component 114 - softer spell effect, I enconter CTD when the game uses some fire effect (CTD during the introduction scene with Irenicus for exemple) - it sends me the following assertion failed: ChDataTypes.cpp at line 1591

After some researches, I find that it might come from a corrupt BAM. So I checked the BAM and nothing wrong on this side: I deleted all BAM from the override folder - this doesn't solve the issue.

So I decided to reinstall the component and quote the "// 3. FIRE EFFECTS AND HITS" part in the 114_effects.tph file and the game work fine with no CTD. After snitching a little bit more, I find that this bug seams to come from the line 524 to 540: when patching the "bgmain.exe" the component create variables that does not fit: For example changing WRITE_BYTE and WRITE_SHORT by WRITE_LONG solve this issue.

I am not a modder, and I clearly don't know what I am messing with.


I play with BG2 classic, on a laptop with a nvidia 970M, this bug can be reproduced when installing only the component: [114] 1ppv4: Softer Spell Effects on a clean BG2 install.


Thank you for this great mod