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Modded IWDEE - android

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#1 konva

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Posted 29 January 2021 - 12:51 PM

Hello all, I have tried mods on icewind dale mobile.. followed guide on beamdog. Installed mods which I wanted. But I face some troubles. Weidu log included.

Also note that Infernal Legion is small aditions made by me just for learning purposes. But, the extra added creatures by my mod, they look like empty name slot. Only state is visible. Another issue is with archer kit, look on screenshot. Really dont know what went wrong. If someone would help me.. I will be happy :) I can also make another fresh attempt if needed, in case I did somehting wrong. Language in game is english, the dialog.tlk is from en_US lang folder, no other eng folders are present. Thank you all so much.

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