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Modding for Baldur's Gate (12.06.2021)

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#1 Lord_Draconis

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 05:21 AM

Hello. My first topic was banned because someone thought I was taking credit for maps from two games. After a few years, I have increased my collection of maps that can be used to create mods for BG. I will be able to distribute 24/7 if you write for me to distribute. Also, every day during the day I will be able to distribute, even if you do not ask me.
In this package:
Number of games: 76 pcs.
Number of maps: 7 366 pcs.
Total capacity: 59.5 GB 
[Link removed] torrent file
You can always find me here. There are all the details of how I was able to find these maps. 

#2 jastey

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 07:14 AM

Mods should respect Copyright. If these maps are taken out of other games than the usual IE + NWN, then there will be a Copyright issue if they are used in mods.

#3 Lord_Draconis

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 09:25 AM

Mods don't owe anything to anyone. Many games are no longer for sale, the companies that made them have died, and the mods themselves are distributed free of charge.

#4 jastey

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Posted 19 August 2022 - 12:40 AM

Laws don't work like this I'm afraid. You can't just define copyright away because you think it's useless.


Download link in first post removed.

#5 WithinAmnesia

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Posted 16 May 2024 - 06:07 PM

You can use open source art like Flare engine assets from here: https://opengameart.org/content/flare + https://opengameart....lare-collection + https://flarerpg.org/ + https://github.com/f...team/flare-game (just make sure to attribute the authors in the credits and check all the licenses to be at least CC.0 or MIT or some form of CC-BY)
Also Creative Commons 0 (public domain license) from anywhere can be used at least such as: https://opengameart....144&Collection= + https://itch.io/game...sets-cc0/tag-3d and just make sure you organize your art / game assets by license and also keep the artist names and make sure to keep them in categories if using many open source assets. Example of folder structure: Open Source Game Assets > License Type > Author and or Owner(s) > 'Open Source Game Assets Here'. Then attributes and sources and or links credits for everything to do your best due diligence to be with community good will and legally fortified.

For it just takes ~1 / 1,000 not legally amazing assets to legally mess you up and the entire work could be pulled and its ~90-100% legally sound even if its a transformative work unless you are ~110% know what you can and cannot do. So make sure if you get open source art make a clean organized art / game asset folder and sort by licenses (stick to CC.0 if unsure) and put artist names on folders of every asset so its organized and clean and legal.

Also put peoples names in the credits you cannot under-do this and it is very important for the CC-BY open source licenses that require attribution of the authors name of the open source assets being used freely. Also keep up community trust / good will and things should more or less super open up and there's like a million+ open source game assets you can use if you keep the legal open source stuff clean and organized. It's very great to have so much open source assets but be responsible and know your copyright laws and if you do all that you can have a super amazing library of forever free open source community driven game assets!
Open Source Advice: Just stick to Flare assets and CC.0 assets and give the flare people credit and its like 9/10 awesome and ready to be super creative.

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