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Classic BG2 higher resolution GUI overhaul

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#1 Vakarian89

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Posted 06 August 2021 - 07:51 AM

As the title already said it rather loud and clear, I was thinking for some time about classic BG2 GUI total overhaul made with slightly higher resolution in mind, most probably 1280x720. The goal would be to make better use of the screen’s space and give player more information, without the need to scroll/open additional screens and implement some quality of life improvements. But my knowledge of BG modding is non-existent, so the whole thing is just an idea. I could try to design some new layouts, think about things to add/change and try to find people who’d like to help me to make this a reality (a modder/scripter and a graphic artist), but the fundamental question is: does a mod like this is necessary? If someone wants to play with better GUI, there’s Enhanced Edition for that, so would the hardship of changing all in-game screens be worth it? Simply, is there a demand for higher resolution GUI?

#2 Insomniator

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Posted 07 August 2021 - 02:57 AM

I can help with modding .exe to change info/text in fields, but only if someone finishes new screen design and provides high resolution MOS (preferably in original BioWare style)

#3 Vakarian89

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Posted 07 August 2021 - 07:38 AM

Thank you for the offer, Insomniator!


New .mos graphics would probably be the hardest part of the UI overhaul, 'cause they have to be created from scratch. One could try to do some "patchwork" from the original ones, but that will look bad. I would like the new graphics to be close to the original style, but "better" - less empty space, a little more "epicness" and fantasy theme. I would like to avoid it to be too cartoonish and colourfull, as in most of the games these days. Even Enhanced Editions of both BG and BG2 have their GUI somewhat cartoon-style. Don't know if that's what gamers like or just developers think it's better-looking, but I am not fond of it myself. Those original browns have their charm, so I'd like to stick to them. What's most important, these graphics must be hand-drawn and of great quality, so an artist is needed here. The screens are many and the work won't be an easy one.


As for the designs, it's much easier than graphical and scripting parts of the project. Most important will be to use the space the higher resolution gives - for example, all 16 inventory slots at once when searching container/corpse + more container slots, more spells at once on the bottom bar, more info at once on the screens, character's biography together with his information screen and so on. There's lot to improve, but first, the graphic artist is needed.