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How to change the backstab multiplier of categories of weapons in EE

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#1 HalfCelestial

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Posted 12 November 2021 - 01:06 AM

Is this possible?


I'm asking because editing individual weapons in NI has as a side effect, that the bonuses or penalties stack if you're dual-wielding them, which is not what I wanted to do. Thanks

My plan is essentially decreasing backstab multiplier of all backstab-enabled weapons by -1, except short swords and ninja-tos and increase the multiplier of daggers by 1. Because there is zero point to using daggers for backstabbing in BG unless the extra effects they have are attractive enough. With the exception that you can attack faster with daggers, which can be a minor advantage at backstabbing (and it gets nullified with higher levels of enchantments anyway).

Another option would be to mod them so upon a successful backstab, an amount of damage is added on top, say 2d6 points of damage. But I don't know how to.

Is any of this feasible, and if so, can someone give me some hints on how to do this with NearInfinity? Thank you.

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