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Can't go to Tartarus

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Posted 17 May 2022 - 02:07 PM

I'm doing a TDD quest, have killed the banshee, gone to the temple of Talos.
The temple is empty--probably because I killed everyone as part of a quest for the Temple of Lathander.  However, an old TDD walkthrough gave me a name - "Baurian Arathor" - and NearInfinity gave me two creature codes.
Tried the first one, he does spawn, we go through his dialogue, but when I say I'm ready...nothing happens.  The ritual never begins.
I've no idea how to fix this, and I haven't been able to determine which area is Tartarus.  I'm still a newb with NI; while I can find creatures/items fine, scripts are a horse of a different color.

Can anyone suggest either a way to fix whatever trigger is missing/not working, or know the area code for Tartarus?
Thanks so much!
Edit: Should anyone else ever need it, it's DD8002.

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