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Save corruption after Beregost

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#1 exsomon

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Posted 06 March 2023 - 09:22 PM

i have installed a heavily modded eet game with nearly every megamod available using eet mod downloader not to mess install order, smooth everything was going well. 


reloading any save after entering beregost crashes the game,

if i open the savefile with nearinfinity and remove Ar3300.are from savegame file and re save i can continue the game revisit beregost with no ill effects apart from some mod npcs dissapear, a dwarf merchant south, a little girl outside one wife wanting help, no big deal, if i just talk them in my first visit to beregost than  save their quests are not broken but i could not fix this can anyone help weidu log is below



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WeiDU log enclosed in a spoiler tag

#2 jastey

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Posted 06 March 2023 - 11:05 PM

The EE Setup Tool is not recommended, an install order that was not gained by communicating with other modders is one (minor but still crucial) reason for it.

There is probably noone here who can help you with debugging an install made with the tool and it's altered mod versions.

#3 exsomon

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Posted 07 March 2023 - 12:22 AM

unfortunately there is no good alternative to install all megamods automatically and effectively the other eet downloader has too much work and not stable.  i first tried to install using it but i could not even start the game, messed up unless i read every mod readme for days, do trial and error approach and not encounter bugs, i just gave up after many attempts
Sandrah saga is a mod stolen, charackter assasin mary sue with way overpowered npc that ruins all gameplay but do not throw baby with the bath tube, eesetup tool at least installs a playable game with all megamods with less work or understanding.
Roxanne may be guilty of many things but at least eesetup tool is working as intended.
Edit: Solved it! It is not a map issue, while looking at ar3300 by nearinfinity editor i noticed a actor finch on the map that is not actually there, no placement coordinates, she was supposed to be in the bar u get attacked by a bounty hunter. if u enter that bar and see finch than exit the bar than save no corruption in save game.

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#4 Graion Dilach

Graion Dilach
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Posted 07 March 2023 - 10:15 AM

Roxanne may be guilty of many things but at least eesetup tool is working as intended.

Have fun dealing wiih the broken coronation scene, the stolen Balduran's Seatower and the abomination of Dark Horizons!


Don't mind the facts that your install prevents the Arcane Treasury armors to allow spellcasting, Heroes Thieves and Moneylenders providing full XP amount, and in general lack of consistency across the board.

DHTweaks is a joke, yeah, it moves the duergar encounter away a bit and delays the Tristan/Isolde appearance, but at the cost of breaking some of the mod's own AI along.

BGEESpawn is on 0.7 by now, Roxanne just ignored the versions. Guess you like the immersion-breaking popups. The only reason that one can be installed after SCS is because it doesn't add new mobs... that install order spot would fall apart for BGSpawn.

Wow, I completely overlooked how Improved Archer kits don't receive the bonus APR from Tweaks. Guess they don't need it.


PI is stable and works. Sure, it needs brains, but it can do better than this waaaay too easily.

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#5 jastey

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Posted 07 March 2023 - 11:19 PM

at least eesetup tool is working as intended.

The problem is that the intention behind it is giving a stable install for the Sandrah Saga and Roxanne's own mods, nothing else. For this, Roxanne integrated her changed mod versions, her mods with stolen content, outdated mod versions, tweaks to the game she labelled "fixes", and left out mods that wouldn't be compatible with her mods (like EndlessBG1), and combined all in an install order that was not derived in communication with the modding community.


The assumption that this tool is meant to give you, the player, an individual install to your liking, with the best of intentions for a genuine playing experience, is wrong.


And well, you already encountered a bug - just saying.


On a more constructive note:

-There is weidu logs from others that worked here: https://github.com/m...List-Repository

-There is several threads where the community worked on the best install order. They should be taken with a grain of salt because some mods might have changed in the meantime: Link1, Link2, Link3

-There is a helpful community here to find the best install order. If you post your planned mod list here (or maybe at G3 where is more folks), we will help you best we can.

-Project Infinity will help with the install process once the install order is set (I think you already know this but here's the link anyway): https://forums.beamd...ment-and-eet/p1