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Thing that could be fixed (v7)

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Posted 30 November 2023 - 10:30 AM

Did another playthrough and this time I made notes about all kind of strange and weird things and bugs. Most of them belong more to "It could be done better" and better suited for gameplay mods than Fixpack, I list them at the end.
Bugs and weird things:
1) The cutscene in which girl that Torak sends to talk to us about hostages is very long. Cutscene starts, our party stops and she approaches our leader for like 5-10 seconds, making circles between other characters as if having pathfinding problems. I have noticed this with latest Fixpack and in multiple playthroughs. Its minor thing, but still.
Interesting that majority of problems (especially in the second part of my post) was experienced with last game location - The Severed Hand.
2) I am not sure if this is a bug, but we dont receive 750 xp (I mean during dialog) for snitching libraryman to Vese Nejj in Severed Hand. We get 750 exp only for killing libraryman ourselves (as killed enemy exp).
3) Traps near main doors of throne room in Severed Hand do nothing when activated. Pre-highest War Tower floor has multiple trapped containers but these traps do nothing. In Chult Temple altar-container with dragon head trapped but this trap does nothing.
4) In Severed Hand throne room if you start fight with demons after dialogue option "lets test your immortality" they attack you, but after you kill one of them, it doesnt become neutral (like demon on 1st floor). Instead he reappers and continues to attack us, which makes this fight endless.

5) Found a bug but it's probably related to tweak component with infinite stacking. If you select 10 stacks of arrows (for example) you want to buy, it shows 1000 x 10 = 10k on store screen, but in fact you will pay only 1000 for 10 stacks. Didn't test it in original game.

6) Clenched Fist Mace costs 1 gold when sold, because it has no charges initially if I am not mistaken. After we rest it gets one and sold for much more.

7) Goublika's Giants are aggressive towards us, second later aren't, then aggressive again etc. And if your party hit them in that short window, Goublika becomes aggressive as well.
Could be done better / Possibly better fit for mods than Fixpack
1) There is another Auril amulet (which is needed for unlocking doors in Ice Temple exterior) somewhere in Ice Temple, 2nd floor I think. This is an item for quest we already did, so I have no idea why we need another one, I guess it is okay from lore perspective, since Ice Temple full of Auril priests, this amulets can be everywhere.
2) I hate forced rest (3 x 8 hours if am not mistaken) after killing Chult Temple Guardian (dragon). Doesnt make sense considering the story - portal starts closing immediately after Guardian is dead, not after 24 hours. We should be in a hurry to leave this place, why are we resting? Probably it was a developers way to show that dragon energy that gave us HP bonus and acid resistance after its kill also healed us or something.
3) Severed Hand vendor (drow Riki) items are horrible. She could have easily sold +5 weapons considering the amount of gold we have at this point, the need to gear up before final fight, the fact that the whole drow nation supports us against Legion of Chimaera (her own words) and drow are excel at magical weapon smithing.
4) In Severed Hand when we snitch libraryman to Vese Nejj, in cutscene where he teleports and kills him, libraryman says nothing in return to Vese Nejj which looks raw, cheap and not fully realised. As if it was made by fans and belonged to a mod from 2003 or something. Libraryman could have said - "No, you dont understand, let me explain.." or something especially considering the fact that he was so confident that Red Wizards wouldnt listen to us in previous dialogue.
5) In the same quest, when we confront libraryman about the murder, he says that we can try to assault him, but Red Wizards would take care of us. In fact they dont care if we kill him (but do care if we assault dragonkin woman or enter her room without invitation), Vese Nejj instead says stupid shit like "Good job, little buddy. Good boy!" if we tell him about the kill which once again proves me that developers were in a hurry while doing this quest.
6) Cutscene with magic duel between the lich and elf in Fields of Slaughter is needlesly long because lich casts 3 Mordenkainen's Force Missiles in a row to kill the elf instead of I dont know... one scripted Finger of Death since he is the lich?
7) Once again that god damned libraryman in Severed Hand. In dialogue about the quest we have 2 options to say, one of which is "I dont know anything about magic arts, but I think that..." and the other option is character class dependent. And weird thing is that first option (I dont know anything about magic arts) is still appears for Wizard/Sorcerer.
8} Twice again that god damned libraryman in Severed Hand. When we kill him and tell about the murderer to Zaem apprentice and girlfriend, we dont tell them the name of a murderer in dialogue option which is a bit weird. Or maybe they just dont care about it, only the fact that justice was served.
9) I have no idea why we need separate journal notes that Orrick is on the third floor of Magic Tower in Severed Hand after talking to gnoll (one journal note), goblin shaman (two notes) and another gnoll upstairs (three notes). IMHO these notes should be excluding one another- after we have the first one, others shouldnt appear.
10) I dont like Call Lightning spell effect after cleansing the pool in Severed Hand with elven holy water. DUHM spell (or something else) would be more in theme with good gods behind it. Call Lightning effect is used for teleportation effect to Cleric Tower and therefore is associated more with Xvim, Talos and other evil gods.
11) Once again forced rest which i hate with passion, This time after cleansing the statue of Ilmater in Severed Hand. We dont get the message about amount of hours we rested, but we get stripped of all buffs after that which is outrageous.
12) After destroyng the Globe of Essence in Severed Hand, two demons in throne room simply dissapear. Which is weird, because demon on first floor is still there, becomes agressive and dies as he should. I guess it was done to prevent problems in throne room dialogues / character placement in the finale.
13) When we go downstairs from the roof of the War Tower in Severed Hand we are intercepted by Isair and Madea royal mage, but most of the time he appears with a delay of a couple of seconds which confuses me during replays every few years. IMHO he should already be there and immediately start the dialogue.
14) Feels random and out of place that when Izbellah starts casting her Time spell in Dragon Eye 4, one of her minions is Ice Giant (or whatever its called)... in a lava filled cave.
15) One of the random rewards after giving antidote to Lord Pyros in Dragon Eye 4 is 5 x Potions of Fire Giant Strength (dont remember exact name). Surprisingly high amount of really good potions compared to the rest of the items which is kind of mid.

16) Have no idea why Guthma is wielding mace of Selune, one of the good deities.

17) When you return to Ice Temple at the end of the game, all containers are filled with healing potions, even bookshelves in the library. Which is really sad considering the lack of high lvl scrolls in the game, this could be a good place for them.

18) Absolutely insane difficulty spike with half goblins in Horde Fortress. They have two handed swords and 16 STR if am not mistaken, which results in 50+ dmg crits. Really weird compared to the rest of the mobs in this chapter.

19) Blue frozen trolls spawn during party rest in Goblin Fortress exterior in quite big numbers for the party of our level and their overall strength. Of course it's good for grinding exp, but this rest interrupt spawn is definitely the most dangerous in the entire game which looks more like balance issue.

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