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So What's It All About, then?

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Posted 19 July 2004 - 05:12 AM

What does this do?

Through the use of the Teachings of the Lady series of books, any Arcane caster can now learn a limited number of Divine Magic spells, including a spell that turns undead. This means that a large number of semi-multi classes become available.

Why not add these as regular kits?

Using standard kits would interfere with things that, like the Big Picture, max out the number of kits.

Why not use an invisible creature and a dialog?

I might at some point. On the other hand, I like magic books, and I want to eventually add some quests working for the Mystra's Witnesses, so I dunno.

Will this work with X?

The books and spells should work with anything BG2 based, including TUTU (tested this). In a total conversion, you'll need to CLUA in the books, as per the read-me.

Does this eliminate the differences between divine and arcane casters?

Only as much as any other kind of multiclassing would. Multiclassing or dual classing between the two was always possible anyway.

Why the stat loss?

Balance, kinda. An XP penalty is something I will use instead in the future, but for now a loss to HP and THACO in exchange for a wider spell selection seems fair.

Isn't the Sorcerer/Cleric overpowered?

Probably yes.

Didn't the Druidic Sorcerer Mod do this?

The mods do overlap, but the DS mod goes far deeper into that one kit. If you want a Druidic Sorcerer, DS is probably the better choice for now.

Will you get more into the storytelling / role-play aspects of this mod later?

Yes, as it finishes morphing into the Ritual Magic mod.

Um, this is kinda basic, ain't it?

Yes, but it works and it's out. It'll get fancier in time.