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Yoshimo Banter draft

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#1 Shed



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Posted 28 July 2004 - 04:15 PM

(1) = Yikari. (2) = NPC


(1) Excuse me, are you THE Yoshimo? Feared by all?

(2) Why yes, good monk! See <CHARNAME>, I knew someone would know of me.

(1) Then tell me, Yoshimo, is it true what they say about the theft of the Grim Ankh of Morpork? I heard you crept past three-score guards and eluded capture!

(2) Ha! As I remember it was four-score, and I also had the time to seduce a few maidens on the job!

(1) And did you also take the fiery goblet from the hoard of Athor the brown wrym?

(2) All my work! Yes, yes! A true admirer at last, from Kara-Tur, no less!

(1) Then perhaps you can help me clear up a matter concerning them. I have researched your exploits, yet I can find no mention of any city of Morpork. Nor is Athor in the ancient lore-list of wyrms, as I have read.

(2) <CHARNAME>, you lived at Candlekeep. Surely you can enlighten our friend here (wink)?
- (Lie) Of course, the fabled lost city of Morpork! And the fierce wrym Athor, how great he was in the majesty! And I thought you learned, Yikari! GOTO (a)
- (Truth) He's pulling your leg, Yikari. It's possible a little of what you have heard may have been... exaggerated over time. GOTO (B)

(1a) I thank you, for is it not written "You learn something new every day"? END
(1b) Ah, how disappointing. Perhaps you will tell me sometime yourself, Yoshimo.

(2)Hah, of course, my friend. GOTO (a)


(2) Friend, what are those tattoos on your palms?

(1) They are snake-eyes. I belong to the Order of the Snake Eyes; the tattoos are a testament to that.

(2) The Order of the Snake Eyes... I don't think I have heard of it.

(1) There is no reason you should have, if you are not a monk, that is. The monastery is in a valley between two small mountains.
The views are beautiful, there are cherry blossoms in Spring and delicate snowfalls in winter.

(2) I should like to come visit your monastery, if it is really so wonderful.

(1) When all this is over, perhaps we shall journey back together.

Any comments? Suggestions? Abuse? Please make them known!

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#2 BobTokyo

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Posted 01 August 2004 - 05:56 PM

I like these. :)

#3 Imrahil

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Posted 01 August 2004 - 06:40 PM

Only problem I see is between Hubelpot & Yikari I'm going to start feeling like I'm on Discworld instead of Toril. :) Maybe change Morpork to something else? And, while it's certainly not obvious if you don't know what you're reading, I doubt Yikari has studied the Way of Mrs. Cosmopilite...

- Imrahil

#4 Shed



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Posted 05 August 2004 - 04:47 AM

*sigh* I like the Discworld references, but I am concerned with the alienation it can have on the player :unsure:

I too doubt that Yikari has studied the Way of Mrs. Cosmopolite, but the saying itself is quite wise. Perhaps I should rephrase it (later).