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Dragon Age Mods

22 January 2010 - 01:17 AM

I loved the Baldurs Gate and Elder Scrolls Oblivion games and last year I started to play the Dragon Age Origins game.  

I had heard that it was supposed to resemble Baldurs Gate 3 and have eagerly awaited its release since August.

Already some spectacular mods have been released, my favourite would be Advanced Tactics which reminds me of the AI scripting system used in Baldurs Gate.  

The vanilla game has various conditions and actions which you can assign to your party so they automatically do stuff.  

E.G - Health less than 50% => Take a Health potion

Advanced Tactics builds upon the existing game by adding many new conditions which very much reminded of the advanced scripts which were available Baldurs Gate 2.

If any of you haven't played Dragon Age then I would seriously recommend it.  

We've got a few mods on our site and I've been thinking of making some more myself.  

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