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27 September 2010 - 05:22 AM

It's been few months since the last post, but I had some similar thoughts about existing Bioware romances, starting with the Anomen one. My idea was to create two different ways of further change in his alignment: redemption (kind of) with a possibility to make Anomen TN and corruption, making him CE and losing the favour of Helm (and an option for Charname to grant him some minor powers, since at the end of ToB our little Bhaalspawn is a very powerful creature - and eventually making Anomen a priest of Charname should she ascend to godhood). Charname already has some significant influence over Anomen's choices in vanilla BG2. Anyway, I decided it was a silly idea and my writing skills were too far from perfect.

I think that Helm has some hidden agenda behind the whole Anomen & Charname business and that's why Ano still gets his spells. Well, I was thinking about a dialogue with Charname trying to convince Anomen that Helm is not necessarily benevolent. "Ahem, a CN hedonistic murderer with strong tendencies to drink too much, offend the top members of the Order and misbehave in public. Not really in Helm's type, are you? I wonder why he tolerates you..." ;)