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In Topic: Cosmetic bugs of the DSotSC (icon BAMs)

14 April 2019 - 04:09 PM

@Sam. , Will it detect correct icon frame by selecting ItemIcon BAM profile or it is required to tell it somehow which frame to drop and which to leave?
If not, how can we tell this tool to:
a) Drop frame which size is larger than 32x32 if we have anoter? I.e. to drop frame for EE and leave another frame containing icon for classic game?
b) Resize all frames to 32x32 size

Assuming the Item Icon was formatted properly for non-EE games,

"PS BAM.exe" --ItemIcon2EE 1 --CompressionProfile "Recommended" --LogFile "PS BAM Log.txt" *.bam

should do the trick. If it doesn't, send me the log file and the BAMs, and I'll figure out which of the other settings need to be tweaked.


FYI, the item icon BAMs in the original game had the larger frame in Sequence 0 and the smaller frame in Sequence 1.  To work the same way in the recent EEs, the smaller frame in Sequence 1 needs to be added as the 2nd frame in Sequence 0.  This is what PS BAM and BAM Batcher both do.

In Topic: Cosmetic bugs of the DSotSC (icon BAMs)

14 April 2019 - 02:59 AM

If that is the issue, PS BAM can also do this conversion in batch.

In Topic: NearInfinity

10 April 2019 - 06:21 PM

Speaking of BAM converter—is it possible to support bulk conversion of an arbitrary number of files from and to the BAM format?

PS BAM supports converting an arbitrary number of BAM files to a number of formats including individual BMPs, animated GIF sequences, and BAMD files, and then can convert them back to BAMs again (or vice versa).  If you're interested, I'd be happy to show you how it works.

In Topic: [MOD] BG:EE Classic Movies

16 February 2019 - 06:38 PM

Hi Sam.


Thanks for the great work. I love the old movies and dream/chapter screens, they give BGEE that old skool feel. Being an old fart I try to get BGEE as close to vanilla as I can.

However: I think this mod is incompatible with "LeUI-BG1EE-master" mod. LeFreut's UI but his BG1 style variant.


More specifically the "restore BG1 chapter and Dream Screens" part. No errors during installation of either mod, it's just that the vanilla dream/chapter screens are ignored and new style ones are displayed.

Movies are replaced used just fine ingame, and the vanilla ones are displayed.

I tested some things and this happens even with only the core component of the UI mod. As soons as I uninstall it, vanilla movies are fine. I've used the latest version (BG1 style). 


A clean, fresh install of BGEE with only BGEE-Classic-Movies-2.2.0 installed gives vanilla movie and vanilla prologue screen sunglasses.png 
Now installed LeUI-BG1EE-master core component only on top of that and I get vanilla movie but BGEE prologue screen cry.png

Swapping installation order, as LeFreut recommended, did not solve the issue.

I started a new game each time, no saves loaded. Also deleted the profile folder in My Documents as test but that made no difference



I've asked him to look into it and he did but doesn't seem to recognize my issues.
Could you look into this?

For clarity, are you playing BGEE or SoD?  Also, which theme are you attempting to use?  This mod currently supports (or attempts to support) the BGEE and the SoD themes, although I have provided the raw images on the forums so that anyone wishing to implement custom GUI themes may make use of the classic dream/chapter screens.  Without a detailed understanding of the incompatibility, I'm unsure how to resolve it.

In Topic: Thrown Hammers

16 February 2019 - 05:46 PM

It might be in the readme (which is where these days?) if there's an install order issue.