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Iylios Bug

03 October 2019 - 03:22 AM

edit: delete this topic 

Xulaye bug

01 October 2019 - 12:31 PM

if you get all the three items required for the ritual to summon the demon lord (rather than one), Mother Ardulace takes all three of them from your backpack.

Then, if you start the first quest for Xulaye, you can give the matron mother from house Kii'Rret 20k gold or a piece of armor. If you go for the piece of armor, you now have to talk with the duergar.

If you ask the duergar a way to lower the armor cost, you now cannot pay anymore or finish the quest. It seems you are locked into asking him where you can find these items.

Savegame here: https://filebin.net/sybv4mxuurq0iht0

Workaround: you can still go to the male society and pay 20k gold coins

2) and now a question: what kind of help are you supposed to get from house Kii'Rret?

3) Any chance you could tweak the fact that you can't give the eggs to the demon lord? Xulaye dismisses him, but what if I'm evil and I want to give him the eggs?

Are you supposed to start a new game with every BG

11 September 2019 - 07:14 AM

Are you supposed to start a new game with every BG installment (so BG1, SoA, ToB) before installing BG:T? 

Just asking, because the EE tool forces you to do that for EET.


Font mods

29 July 2019 - 01:37 PM

1) http://www.shsforums...baldurs-gate-2/

2) http://www.shsforums...other-ie-games/

3) http://www.shsforums...r-baldurs-gate/ -> newest font mod

Just a note for anyone looking for these


26 July 2019 - 01:52 AM

Isra [BG2] -> ok mod. I would rate it a “must”  with some refinements. Warning: Romance mods are subjective reviews, so I encourage everyone to play them.

I’ve romanced Isra.

I would like to split my opinions between SoA part and ToB part. Note: I didn’t play BG1.

[SoA] I’ve enjoyed the SoA romance very much. It is tastefully executed and the voice of Isra is on point with the portrait she has.

The only “flaw” I’ve found (that’s a personal idea, rather than an objective “opinion”) is that I found myself a bit lost during her family quests. Why? Because as a player I didn’t know what was going on and what was the relationship between Isra and all these people you were meeting.
It seems that you are intended to know who these people are if you are playing BG1; but I didn’t, and as such I was not too fond of these quests.

So I guess the weak part of SoA for me were the personal quests.

Note about the Bodhi abduction



[ToB] ToB is the weak part of Isra. If Soa was a 8, ToB would be a very weak 6.

Why? Because it felt to me like the addition of a ToB part was an afterthought, rather than an exploring of the relationship between Isra and Charname.
One thing I liked about the SoA part very much is that the answers you could give Isra were all good, in the sense that you could characterize your charname according to how you played him.

But I felt no real attachment playing ToB Isra; it was like playing with a now tired romance that is bound to end because it just goes on without any meaningful purpose.

Honestly I would have loved to see more of a “we”, rather than “we will leave each other” or “melissan did good but it wasn’t enough”.

So... how would I have enjoyed it better?

> A chance to explore the relationship with her. After everything that transpired to Suldanesselar, I think even the most loving girl would have talked about what happened in Hell. I’m not referring specifically to Irenicus, but the challenges you have faced here. Did Charname best every challenge? I guess it is assumed, but a comment or rather an exploring of the feelings Isra has for what has transpired (“I’m proud of how you’ve acted ... etc) would have been cool.

> Isra falls for the “melissan” charade and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve been playing with Wheels of prophecy for long, and I abhor with all my being the fact that you are railroaded on what Melissan does. No sane character would fall for her.

> Why doesn’t Isra ask what you’re going to do? Well, she does, but it’s more like “it will happen, etc” rather than a “I’ve quit you once, don’t dare to do the same”.


> Last, but not least. The magnitude of Yagashura siege camp fight requires (according to me) an exploration. I know it is silly in “normal” ToB (I mean without the ascension improved challenge component) but I guess that even the most loving person would be scared/thoughtful/anxious of what has just transpired. Both for what happened materially (you destroyed many people) and what everything that just happened transpires (You are truly the scion of murder, aren’t you? You are proud of that?)

Well, these were my ideas. Thanks for reading.