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More NPC integrity

11 December 2008 - 09:39 AM

Just some thoughts. I don't know if the engine allows this, but here goes:

1. NPC characters do not share their inventory as freely. If they have original equipment they don't let you take it, and they also want a share of gold and items that goes strictly to them. Conflicts may occur between NPC-NPC and NPC-PC regarding who should have what.

I really miss that aspect when I'm playing Baldur's Gate. Dissent caused by greed.
This of course needs some manner of individual NPC economy. There will be a shared gold bag, but every NPC will also have a stash in his inventory with the gold he has earned.
You cannot use this stash except for things that are bought directly to the NPC, and these transactions must be approved by the NPC.
Viconia for example, wouldn't want to buy a Potion of Master Thievery. She wouldn't need that.

This makes the game focus more on the PC, and enhances the feeling of the NPC being independent people that just happen to team along.

2. NPC characters do not let you leave them in certain places, such as the Plane you travel to with the Planar Sphere, or The Underdark. They simply don't tolerate being left alone in such a dangerous and inaccessible place, and they will fight you if you insist on leaving them anyway. Or they may get out of there, show up later and get revenge.

3. If the gold and items gained are not enough, some NPC's will demand that you pay them in return for their continued services.
I always found it strange that Korgan, for example, was willing to risk his life for you even though he never got anything out of it.

So, do you think this is doable?

Recommended mods? Non-TC

11 December 2008 - 07:27 AM

Want to expand the gameplay a bit.

Right now, I have Ascension, Valen, Tactics and G3 BG2 Tweaks installed.
Though they are a nice addition, I would like even more content, without unbalancing the game too much.

Especially looking for new quests, areas and items.

Thanks in advance

Fighter/Mage, with focus on fighter?

11 December 2008 - 06:24 AM

So, I've recently soloed SoA with a sorceror (well, I needed a little additional help on the Irenicus fight).
I then created a kensai/mage to solo with, but I think I dual-classed it too early (level 9).

I want to have more focus on the fighter aspect, and less on the mage aspect. At what level should I dual-class, do you think?
I don't need any super high-level spells, I just want to use magic to protect and aid my fighter without completely relying on the magic part.
And I want to have full proficiency (or close to) in two weapons.

Using ToB's experience cap.

Sorcerer spell choices?

28 November 2008 - 08:21 AM

I would like my sorcerer to be able to hold his own in as many situations as possible. Against mages, vampires, beholders, Irenicus... you name it.
I'm not going to solo, but I like the option. What spells should I go for, and which should I avoid?


Can't install Gibberlings3's BG2 Tweak

25 November 2008 - 11:29 AM

I have made a full install of Baldur's Gate 2+ToB and patched them. Then I've installed Ascension, Tactics and Valen. Now, when I try to install BG2 Tweaks by gibberlings3, I get two regular prompts asking me for administrator password. Then I get a Windows NT-style prompt asking me for username and password, and when I type it in I get the message: "Windows cannot find the file [yada yada] BG2_Tweaks-v6.exe"

Running Vista 32-bit.

Anyone knows how to solve this?