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Applesauce Mod

02 July 2021 - 01:23 PM

File Name: Applesauce Mod
File Submitter: Almateria
File Submitted: 02 Jul 2021
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

I lost my rabbit, Applesauce, two months ago. I still miss him terribly, even as other pets survive him. He meant so much to me, and now he's gone. It was GI stasis; if there was a way I could've saved him I would do it.
I miss him a lot. Sometimes when I cook I still save up vegetable bits, and tear up because nobody's gonna eat them anymore. I miss tripping over him and the bond we've forged over years.
I'm not an artist or a writer or even a coder, I graduated farming college. BG2 modding is the only thing I can reliably do to immortalize the lil dude.
I hope he helps you, or at least reliably provide the familiar HP bonus.

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