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In Topic: Bug Report for 0.50

11 August 2009 - 10:01 AM

Bergon's script has some invalid checks for Icar. Not sure if this would matter if Icar isn't in the party or not. However, I went ahead and fixed it. Also, Narcissa should talk to you after you finish with Rilithar. I have this now fixed as well. She also needed some dialog corrections. I didn't include those because you need to recompile and that requires reinstalling or using DLTCEP. But this should work for you.

Just place both in your override folder.

yes, Icar was in my group in piney bluff. i had PC, shadow, icar, rurik, dirbert, and terra for that game.

Do i need to start new games to take advantage of these updates, or is it good enough to use a save game from before entering piney bluff for bergon or mistmoor for narcissa? i'll load the files up and try from saves before i loaded those area maps i guess, and if that doesn't work i'll start a new game.


In Topic: Bug Report for 0.50

11 August 2009 - 06:31 AM

If you can upload your saved game that would be great. Thank you so much! BTW did you recruit any of the new NPC7s like Bergon or Narissa?

i've started/played 2 different games so far in .50, in the first i went via the lizardmen/mistmoor route, didn't have rilithar in the group and Narcissa had nothing to say to me. This first game i got all the way to westgate before getting crashes when i tried to move onto the temple, so i put that game on hold.

The 2nd game i went to piney bluff, but never got any hint of a bergon joining me option, but i had wanted to try out both new npc's. So not sure what happened there. The 2nd game i played to the end of the ghost tower then got stuck on the selgaunt bridge with no options off.

i'll try to zip and attach both games. Hope they'll be helpful and that i did it correctly for what you guys need, just zipped up the whole save directory.

i installed no mods, only the the game and the patch, then CA .50

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.50

10 August 2009 - 11:09 PM

Agnar, it must be a bug. This happened before but I got it working. I guess the bug came back. This area is also having problems when returning from Myth Drannor, so the two may be related.

i have a save game if you feel it'd be helpful/needed, or if there's anything you'd like me to try differently from a save game before finishing the ghost tower. Anything that might help, let me know! For the moment i put my playing on hold. i do still need to return to my prior game where i got to westgate and test if i can get to, and inside, the old temple without crashes, so i'll do that and see if that was a 1 time issue or a constant thing.

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.50

08 August 2009 - 03:19 PM

Terra has no druid shape change abilities. Under her special abilities thing it's totally empty.

priestess joy/benthic quest is still broken. joy still jumps right from not done to already totally resolved, once i talk to benthic, without my ever getting to tell her what happened or give her the gold.

What causes Bergon to be joinable? certain rep level? Bergon seems to think i didn't finish the gauntlet quest, but he gave me the reward for it.

In the ghost tower outside area - ogre mage quaffs a potion error.

A sword spider outside can cast web spell on invisible characters, and cast them all the way across the screen.

skeleton warriors inside the tower are casting spells on invisible characters.

in ghost tower, could only get 2 of 3 gems on first level. lesser air elemental didn't drop a gem and level was totally cleared.

After I cheated in 3rd portal stone to go to 2nd level. some of the mephits on 2nd level don't go hostile, they stay neutral until force attacked.

Terra/Dirbert frolicking in the wilderness dialogue happens at least twice.


In Topic: Bug Report for 0.50

05 August 2009 - 04:57 PM

A few more bugs, possibly spoiler-ish.