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So what do i do with Elmo???

02 August 2009 - 12:50 PM

but, playing version .50 now and i've never figured out in my many playthroughs, what am i supposed to do with the dead body Aleigha asks me to take for proper burial from the Lizardmen fortress. I pick up Elmo's body, do everything else, go back to saltmarsh and no one ever mentions it. I'd think Aleigha at least should say "Oh, let's go bury him" or something. So am I missing something or did it just never get written?

Haven't actually come on any bugs this time through so far, a good few small ones from before have indeed been fixed, so great work on this version to this point in the game, just after finishing the lizardmen quests.

bug report for .49a

19 April 2009 - 06:40 AM

since you said you fixed or thought you fixed most of the posted .49 bugs i thought you might prefer this in a new thread. But if not, let me know.

i've only just begun a new run through with .49a so only have 1 bug run into so far. im not totally sure if this was one you thought was fixed but upon entering the smuggler caverns beneath the haunted house (the actual cavern part, through the secret door, not the first bunch of rooms), i got that old evil "smuggler quaffs a potion" message over and over. It did stop once i fought and killed the first group of guys near the little boat. so one or more of them might still be using some kind of wrong script or potion still i guess.

Oh i forgot, i also got new dialogue from um shadow, candella and dirbert (i think) that came up twice, once out front of the haunted house and again when i got to the 2nd floor. This *might* be because i went in and explored the first floor, then candella was suddenly exhausted (i forgot to rest in saltmarsh after arriving) so i went back to town, rested, then came back and went upstairs, etc. But it didn't trigger again when i came back to the front of the house, only after i got to the 2nd floor.

But, i did like the new dialogues i got so far, so great work on those and i didn't see any potion quaffing in the silver princess, no bugs there at all that i can recall or made note of. Even the cath/aleigha battle went well and i was able to get aleigha on only the second try. (first time i just had a bad strategy and bad luck, not a bug.)

Something i've been meaning to mention/ask about

17 March 2009 - 11:21 PM

but kept forgetting. It seems a bit off that the pc starts as a level 1, with no experience and only a wooden staff. i say this because dirbert is well equiped with 500 xp, and dirbert declares that he and the pc have gone after a thief, and the pc is supposed to have been active in the town militia before this. i understand, due to different character classes that equipping is impossible but it seems like the xp thing should be a bit more generous to start. if dirbert has 500 xp shouldn't the pc have a couple hundred points at least? everyone in the game is a good ways ahead of the pc.

Not a serious issue, but it does seem a bit off considering dirbert's banters about prior experiences with the pc catching a thief and so on.

Quick question about the ghost tower

11 March 2009 - 03:00 AM

So, can anyone tell me what actually triggers this quest occuring? i am playing through .48 currently and when i was in mistmoor, i had icar in the party and the reward dialog was broken with him in the party. i got the no valid links or replies error when rilithar offered a knighthood to icar. So i tried dumping icar and doing the reward talk, this time it covered all but the PC (the group then was rihn, aesdale, leigha, shadow and pc). So the pc was never offered the knighthood thing that i saw.

Anyway, i get to the selgaunt bridge and i get roped into the ghost tower quest, which i honestly didnt want to do this go around. So i quit the game, went into shadowkeeper, i was going to see if i could change a variable to avoid it, but i never figured out what triggered the quest. So i figured i was stuck playing through it, i reloaded the auto or quick save, i forget which, from just outside the iron throne's tent, and this time, for some reason, i never got the ghost tower quest.

i didn't change any variables in SK, i loaded the save game, looked around, then exited when i couldn't figure out what triggered the ghost tower/huron thing. So i was wondering if it's random or what.

truly amazing work on this guys!

03 March 2009 - 09:44 AM

I first played D&D in the early 80's with my brother and a few friends. i was in 2nd grade, he was in 8th grade, but we both really got into it. we started out on basic, moved on to advanced, but never went to the newer versions. To be honest we also never played many of the modules, mostly sticking to our own adventures and campaigns. Probably because it cost moeny to buy the modules and we prefered spending that cash on the books to expand the game world itself instead.

The only module i conciously remember us playing was the keep on the borderlands. But even so playing these classic adventures is great, and it's amazing how much you've already accomplished, totally transforming bg2, highly impressive!

I love the npc's you've developed so far and the dialogue so far. If i had any knowledge of modding i'd offer to help with that. But my skills lie more in writing fiction. i suppose if it's needed i can lend a hand with spellchecking/proofreading of dialogue, possibly even helping write some if desired, though i know these are other people's characters and writing for someone else's creation is always a touchy thing.

I posted a long bug post, hopefully some of it is helpful, and if i can be helpful in other ways, let me know. Once again, amazing work by everyone on this mod, thanks for all the hard work!