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Installation Problem with Chinese dialog.tlk

20 May 2009 - 06:41 PM

I installed the BG2:TOB in Chinese Version and patched it with bg2tob26498.Then I createed a new Shadows of Amn game.When I let Imoen join,I exit the game.
I unpacked RTT1.6 and copy the Chinese dialog.tlk into C:\Zraiter\BG2TOB\rtt\Languages\english replace the English dialog.tlk.After that,I ran setup file and finished the intallation.

But when I created a new game for RTT,something wrong in Kit select screen.The new kit buttom can be selected,but no infromation showed.It is blank.The origin kit is OK.And in game,when I talk with Angel,Imoen and Guard,no dialog words are showed.You can check it in the screenshots attached.

If I don't change the dialog.tlk in the MOD package,everythin is OK.The information showed is correct.