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Starting anew

03 May 2020 - 07:18 AM

So I have "decided" to reinstall and start everything from scratch.

Long story short: DLTCEP is the only tool able to fix lost character names in a multiplayer game with created NPCs. But it will break the baldur.gam and make every save and every new game have the map- and container-state of your old party. The game becomes unplayable. If imprisonment deletes character names in a multiplayer game, reload. Don't. Ever. Fix.


My last installation was old and based on BWS. I have not been following the forum for a long time since I just played, almost everything worked as intended.

I have tried to catch up and understand that BWS is abandoned, respectively turned into an exclusive EE tool by someone ... uncooperative.


Please don't tell me I have to download every mod manually (classic game and BWP)?

Please tell me there is a link list at least, featuring the ~ 3 big modding sites since most mods used to be hosted there?

Is there an overview or documentation presenting most of the mods in a nutshell?