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Will installing new scripts for the followers break something?

03 June 2009 - 12:35 AM

Hello. First post here. I just want to start out with saying that thank all of you for still supporting this great game after so many years with mods and such.

I just tried the BiG world installer by leomar. GREAT tool! works brilliantly on the reccommended setting. spices up the game alot. to me there only remains one problem: scripts for your followers

Now, this does not bother me so much becouse i like a little micromanaging, but the thing is, my girlfriend loves rpgs and is funnily starting to get into D&D thanks to this. Long story short she loved neverwinter nights 2 and so i tell her that baldurs gate is way better.

I think everyone that has played never winter nights 2 knows what im talking about by now - it is a game that is designed to be much easier in general than games such as baldur's gate. Micromanaging is not required *at all* - you just have a mage in your party with spells memorized and swooch when you get close to enemyes meteors just start blasting all over the place. they do everyhting automatic.

Point is that i need something similar for baldurs gate beocuse otherwise my girlfriend can not handle it. And besides, such behavior does make you appreciate the other aspects of the game as well, as well as making it bit more realistic.

And even though there is some new scripts installed that you can assign your followers, after installing BiG world reccomended version - none of them are especially automatic. they require key pressing to work as expected, and the mages will *still* simply walk up to the enemys and start to hit them in melee without casting a single spell. So my questions is...

1. can i install custom scripts to my BiG world 7.0 recommended installation without it breaking something?

2. if yes, where can i find such scripts that i need (read above)? any recomendations?

3. does the script files have to be designed for BG2 (and if so, will they make NPCs in BG1 behave correctly?)

I ask this becouse i found some scripts on google but all of them are very old, and it seems i need proffesional help in choosing form you guys since i have quite alot of mods installed thanks to BiG (id hate that she plays throught he entire game just to find out in the end that something does fataly not work becouse of the scripts) - and also becouse the scripts i found, that seems to do what i want, requires you to put files in your ovverride folder...which leads me to believe there could be conflicts. ( good example: Baldur's Gate 2 AI uScript (Universal Script) by Rich Martel @ http://www.sorcerers...dex_editors.php - seems to be PERFECT (one script for all followers) but requires bunch of files in override )

can someone shed some light?

thanks alot!