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Some minor bug reports

26 March 2019 - 06:45 PM

My latest BG2 run was a test run for several mods I wanted to try, featuring a lot of Lava--namely TotDG, White Queen, Southern Edge, Ooze's Lounge, and Innershade were all installed. For the most part I enjoyed them, but I did notice one consistent error across them: pretty much every entrance in the new areas used the default orientation (south). For the most part this is cosmetic and mildly annoying, but especially in the latter, small areas of White Queen where the opponents are to your north, it means you inevitably start combat with the squishy members of your party at the front.


For at least one of the mods--White Queen?--the items had double unusable sections for my BG2EE game.


The Hamadryad's dagger uses 'Thac0' in its description.


Most of the Southern Edge quests did not clear their journal entries upon completion.


One of the replies to the Marble Gaze in TotDG had "questiouns" misspelled.

IWDification integration with Scroll Scribing

12 August 2018 - 09:16 AM

Just sent a pull request on Github to integrate the IWDification arcane scrolls with the 'Allow Mages to scribe memorized spells onto scrolls' component.


It's written in a way that other modders can tap into, if they so desire.