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In Topic: 2 suggestions for mods I think would be very cool...Werewarrior

23 September 2009 - 10:21 AM

This seems like a very good example of a mod idea, so, welcome to IE Mod Ideas.

[edit: doublepost lol, merging my own posts ftw]

Ugh, fine, have it your way.

Note that this is quite untested (I can only hope that the regen functions as intended), but it works as far as I can tell - you can shapechange back and forth, and the stat changes show up as intended. It stops improving at lv25, though. Anything that gains +6 natural attacks = big NO as far as I'm concerned. It also gets the standard fighter HLA table.

As I said in the pm, I think that the kit should be able to get grandmastery in his claws (however they are classed) just because they are his only weapon basically...and he only has 2 attacks per round even with boots of speed....giving him grandmastery and consequently normal attacks would cement this kit in my opinion...

And not being able to dual class? That is pretty harsh...all fighter kits are usually able to....? No...

Would weapon specialisation (grand mastery), normal attacks and dual classing be so unbalancing?

A side question though....you are aware of the ease of use mod? My whole idea for this mod came about through that thing...it was quite overpowered and I played a fighter/thief with the use any item and used it (borrowed from Cernd); unstoppable; too overpowered and weird anyway.....like no real explanation for the elemental resistances and such...but one thing that bothered me was the lack of claw progression, which was stuck at +3 (and some enemies were unaffected....I thought it would be a good compromise to have a kit like this but the dual classing and normal attack progression...is reasonable, no?

In Topic: Werewarrior - a fighter kit for BG2

23 September 2009 - 09:59 AM

Posted Image

File Name: Werewarrior - a fighter kit for BG2
File Submitter: vilkacis
File Submitted: 19 Sep 2009
File Updated: 19 Sep 2009
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods
Forum: No Information
Readme: No Information

A fighter kit based on an idea by Stardusk on the SHS boards. It is open to all races and alignment and requires 9 STR. Nothing fancy here.

Kit description:

WEREWARRIOR: A fighter who has devoted all his efforts to learning and controlling the inner beast which dwells in everyone; he can become a werewolf that gains in strength and power over time.

- Can shapechange into werewolf form which becomes progressively stronger with time.
Level 1: +1 to STR/DEX/CON, +2 to AC, claws deal 1d6 damage and strike as +1 weapons
Level 7: +2 to STR/DEX/CON, +3 to AC, claws deal 1d8 damage and strike as +2 weapons
Level 13: +3 to STR/DEX/CON, +4 to AC, immunity to non-magical weapons, regenerate 1 HP/round, +20% magic resistance, claws deal 1d10 damage and strike as +3 weapons
Level 19: +4 to STR/DEX/CON, +5 to AC, immunity to non-magical and +1 weapons, regenerate 2 HP/round, +40% magic resistance, claws deal 1d12 damage and strike as +4 weapons
Level 25: +5 to STR/DEX/CON, +6 to AC, immunity to non-magical and +2 weapons, regenerate 3 HP/round, +60% magic resistance, claws deal 1d20 damage and strike as +5 weapons

- May not wear armour
- May not use missile weapons
- May not multi- or dualclass
- Can only become proficient (one star) in the use of any weapon

Click here to download this file

Wow, this really cool and I see your point about the +6 thing but one thing the werewarrior should get is grand mastery in his claws....no?

In Topic: Wasn't sure where to put this question but...

10 September 2009 - 11:37 PM

There is a difference between "Energy Drain" and "Level Drain", but I guess you really men Level Drain.

There is also Dagger +4, Life-Stealer (Dagg20), with a 15% chance of draining 1 level.

Is this dagger part of a mod? Well, I think a weapon that invariably level drains 1 level isn't too overpowered...no?

In Topic: My thoughts on Longer Road

07 September 2009 - 07:26 AM

It is Mendelson's "March to the Scaffold" - rather appropriate, don't you think?

Nit-picking.... shouldn't that be Hector Berlioz's "The March to the Scaffold" from "Symphonie Fantastique"?


I think it is great, just so difficult to redeem Jon..... :wacko:

In Topic: The Mod for the Wicked!

07 September 2009 - 07:24 AM

I recently installed Baldur's Gate II again and I had a few ideas...

Firstly, all the undead in Athakla. I'm not talking about the Twisted Rune, Bodhi's guild, Kangaxx or even all those random liches(!), but about the ghoul town. Now, while Ghouls in Second Edition(unlike 3e, despite that their typical behaviour hardly changes)have an intelligence of 5-7, /Ghasts/ actually have an intelligence of 11-12. So even if we write off other inhabitants of the city(which we could write off as simply being part of the spawning mechanics, like the lich); there could be an opportunity to do something beyond slaughtering a large number of ghouls. Now, in Dragon 252 and Dungeon 70 , a new type of ghouls are introduced; the white/shadow/true(depending on where you hear about them) ghouls. Now, the average intelligence of true ghouls is a whooping 15-18 and they indeed able to form form cities; if not more.

So if the idea of doing something with the ghoul town(''garbage disposal'', slave trade, necromantic research, a rival of Bodhi) appeals to you, you have a perfect excuse by introducing true ghouls.

Also, the Underdark. While you can wipe out all sides, there's not much else to do. For instance, it might be an idea to have the Illithid play a larger role. While I wouldn't advocate being able to just ''visit'' the Illithid city, perhaps you could be approached by an Illithid emissary in(or outside of) Ust Nastha. They could be interested in invading and subjugating Ust Nastha; they just need to overcome a number of ''obstacles'', such as that certain key figures need to be ''eliminated''. Some of these ''obstacles'' would already tie in with the main quest, such as the death of the Matron Mother. Perhaps they'd also want the Silver Dragon gone, as that would free the way for surface raids?

Would people recommend this mod?