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14 October 2009 - 04:58 PM

Uhhh, all of the above?  

I'm greedy and I know it but all of those suggestions would be great.  Of the suggestions I would really like to see more about their shared soul, Bhaal, the Slayer and maybe the other gods.  I think a conversation about the gods would be doubly important for a PC heading towards divinity.  Divine rivalries are huge in the Realms.  Honestly, I wouldn't want to deal with a pissed Cyric who had *another* of his portfolios taken away.  I would also love to hear more about an earlier meeting between the PC and Sarevok.  It always seemed like the should have met when younger, given that Sarevok had been to Candlekeep in the past.  Or you could elaborate on the ring scene from BG1.  As for flirts, they're great but I'd honestly prefer more content over flirts.  I love the flirts but there is just so much untouched territory within the romance that I can't help but want more of that.  Having said that, I'm totally with the previous poster wanting another scene similar to the one from the Romantic Encounters mod ;)


In Topic: Oh Wow!

01 October 2009 - 11:53 PM

Naturally, I want more but then the romance could be twice as long as the entire SoA game and I'd still want more ;).

That's my problem too. :) The hardest part of all of the writing was finding a way to box it into the time frame of ToB. In my original plans, I wanted to make Watcher's Keep mandatory and use a series of talks that trigger there as the means to start the romance because I thought there was no way I could get a believable romance crammed into such a small space of time. But, I started rethinking everything at some point and settled on the setup that exists now. Like I said, though, there were a lot of talks put on the back burner that will hopefully see the light of day in a future release. I would love to flesh it out to the maximum capacity of ToB. :D

Yeah, it is a fairly short period but then I doubt there would be complaints about too many lovetalks. Goodness knows if it was RL, then Sarevok would probably have filed a restraining order on my PC after the number of times she just had to double check if there was another possibility for conversation ;)

I'm sooo glad that you didn't make Watcher's Keep mandatory. I *hate* that bloody pile of rocks! *Ahem* Sorry, but I have bad memories of the maze.

The length of ToB is an issue. I put Warp and Weft on hiatus because I felt there were things that desperately needed editing but the time frame is something I'm still not fully happy with. I had flirted with the idea of the PC having dreams not of Irenicus during SoA but of Sarevok and that he really was summoned into the PC's dreamscape. I thought it would give a romance more of a foundation but I don't think it will make it into the fic. It would make for an interesting material to use for something else, though. Anyway, I do think that a Sarevok/PC romance is possible in ToB. There is a lot we don't get to 'see' in a CRPG. Lets face it the walking for miles and miles everyday, cooking dinner and digging latrines are left out for a reason! Still, that gives a lot more wriggle room that is necessarily clear at first glance.

I suppose that was why I loved the part where the PC's pack is adjusted. It's such a everyday thing but so terribly telling! It made me wonder about all those everyday interactions we don't see. LOL! I wonder if anyone ate dinner when it was Sarevok's turn to cook. I can just see Jaheira looking at it wondering if it was poisoned ;)

I would guess that how BG codes things makes a difference too. I hear that for dialog there is an element of real time to it as well as event triggered conversations. That could potentially limit what you could add. I don't know how you modders manage!


In Topic: Oh Wow!

01 October 2009 - 04:48 PM

Is it compatible with Romantic Encounters?

Okay, I think I need more coffe! It is compatible and it even says so in the appropriate post! D'oh!


In Topic: Oh Wow!

01 October 2009 - 04:46 PM

Some of the banters are in the banter file (BIMOEN25, BJAHEI25, etc) and others are in the joined file (IMOEN25J, JAHEI25J, etc), so some are scattered to different places. Those are the only two places I think they should be...Viconia's is under BVICON25 I believe.

I would love it if you finished your story. :wub:

I looked at the banters and they are great. Naturally, I want more but then the romance could be twice as long as the entire SoA game and I'd still want more ;).

I do have a question, though, about this mod. Is it compatible with Romantic Encounters? Heh, heh, I want the hot springs nookie along with the rest of the Sarevok romance. Actually, have you considered doing an adult version of the romance, where the 'consummation' scene is a little more filled out?


In Topic: Praise!

01 October 2009 - 04:27 PM

Many discoveries are made out of accident, though. Certainly all of mine are. ^_^
Thanks, I'll go and try that force talk right away. I'd expect at least a tell-off from Jaheira.

LOL! I kind of expected the same. I checked the banters with Infinity Explorer and I did like her motherly threat to Sarevok. I thought that fit well, sorta along the lines of 'I'll break your knees if you break her heart'. Still, I would have expected her to pull aside my character and ask what the hell she was doing making doe eyes to her evil 'brother'. The Imoen banter was funny too with how Sarevok turned the tables on her. Still, the best out of the lot (in my opinion) was Edwin and Korgan. They always get the best lines :lol: .