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Oh Wow!

30 September 2009 - 04:30 PM

It was pure chance that let me find your mod and you have no idea how ecstatic I was! I've been hoping for *years*, hells since BG1 was released, that someone would write a mod for a Sarevok Romance. I stayed up all night playing this gem and it was worth every yawn and scowl from my boss today ;).

You did beautifully with how the romance developed. It was very realistic and I loved seeing Sarevok's inner conflict. The writing was excellent but then I've come to expect that from you. Sarevok's characterization was right on target too. Mind you I've only completed one play-through as a relatively good character who refused her divinity. I now have to play it the other way as an evil character!

There is just one thing I noticed- I did try the alternate decision (becoming a god) as a good character and didn't get an altered epilogue for Sarevok. The epilogue for the refusal of divinity was great and fired without a problem but if I became a god, the default epilogue fired. I wasn't sure if this was intended or not so I thought I should mention it. The standard epilogue after you go through the romance and then run off to be a god and essentially dumping poor Sarevok kinda makes sense but I half expected my PC to have her cake and eat it too ;). There is precedent! Look at all the affairs with mortals the Greek gods got into! Ok, bad example given how most of those turned out but you get my drift.

Given how new this mod is, do you have any further plans to add content? That's a fairly cheeky question when I should be darn grateful to have the mod at all but I must confess that there were a few things I would love to see. The first is some dialog about the Sword of Chaos, should the PC still have it. I know during my second play-through I kept it hoping it would prompt a dialog with Sarevok but to no avail. I suppose it could also be spawned in the PC's inventory in the Glade at the start of ToB with all the other stuff. I'd also love to see something similar about 'Koveras' Ring Of Protection'. I never quite understood why he gave it to the PC in BG1. Or rather I thought there was more to it. Since I believe we never get the ring back after Irenicus pawns our gear, then maybe the character just asks about it? A comment or two more on the consequences of sharing a soul with either the PC or Imoen would have been interesting too. There could be a lot of fun involved in trying to find out just how big the consequences are. Another thing I would have liked is more comments from the peanut gallery, ah, I mean the other NPCs. I thought the PC got off rather light given the object of her affections. I was expecting there to be a little more fuss given he killed Gorion and who knows how many others. Not to mention the whole 'brother' thing. Not that I think that holds much water but still, I would have thought all this would cause more fuss. It would have been great to have more input from Imoen and Jaheira particularly as they are 'core' characters of BG1. Perhaps as the friendship/romance progressed rather than just at the end? There were times during dialogs between the PC and Sarevok that I totally expected someone to jump in.

Anyway, I did love the mod. I think I just have sequel fever- I want more, more, more all the while knowing it's not possible ;).