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In Topic: A thank you, a comment, a question

04 May 2017 - 06:09 AM

Weee I'm back. Missed me?


Minor problem in DDABUS.DLG:

The options to ask the Dabus about the Lady of Pain, and about Fell, have conditions. However, if you ask someone else to translate, those conditions are missing, and you can e.g. ask about Fell without ever having heard of Fell.

In Topic: Marrow-Fiends finger

04 May 2017 - 06:01 AM

On a similar subject: If I kill Marrow-friend outright (for example following the dialogue "no, but you'll soon be" after he scratches me and then asks if I'm dead) he doesn't drop the finger bone. Bug?

In Topic: Regarding the Hitpoints per level up tweak

04 May 2017 - 01:47 AM

Yeah, I was thinking 6, 5, 4 and 3 respectively. I tried editing them in override, but apparently this does nothing, or at least not for TNO (that's what I tested). Possibly because for TNO it gets inserted into the exe?

In Topic: Pendant of Yemeth Quest (SPOILERS)

03 May 2017 - 11:19 AM

Bug: if I kill Rake-chaser without starting the quest, then talk to the fiends, the quest continues as if I had made an agreement with the fiends.


I killed Adyzoel in a duel without my character knowing anything about the quest, then I talked to Rake-chaser, he tried to flee, I killed him. I looted the pendant. When I talk to the fiends in the bar, the option to give them the pendant exists the same way as if my TNO knew about the quest and had agreed to this. I am guessing the dialogue line never checks the state of the quest, just for whether you have the pendant or not?


Perhaps this wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't been able to kill Rake chaser. But in my game characters attempting to flee the area never actually succeed at doing so, including Rake-chaser. They reach the edge of the map or some door and yet never disappear. (Another interesting thing, just now, the "drunk" pickpocket near the bar, whom I caught and I told to get lost, actually made attacking animations at me, and only started running once I removed my party from reach). I don't remember if this problem existed in vanilla. (I'm playing gog classic version + mods).


EDIT: Nope. I just approached Rake-chaser at night (again, without starting the quest) and for some reason the only subject matter I could broach with him was "your death", which makes little sense. This time he didn't try to run, he just fought, and again after looting his pendant the quest continued from half-way in a nonsensical way.


IMO the simplest way to fix this is the dialogue should check for both the pendent AND the quest state, so that if you do things out of order, the game will simply ignore that and still let you start the quest normally, get the information, and then you'll have to talk to the fiends a second time to hand in the pendant.

Compare Rauk: you can have all 3 rings for him the first time you talk to him, but you'll still go through the first dialogue before you can offer them. Same thing.

In Topic: Alignment mod

29 April 2017 - 03:23 AM

I understand I'm late to the party and this is likely to never get done, but for the sake of that tiny chance that it does...

In my mind, an alignment mod might be worthwhile especially one reason: because the game's skewed against Lawfulness. I feel like you have to be a mentally dull, humorless stiff to be Lawful (perhaps I exaggerate, but surely not by much). Not sure how much this is because there are fewer Lawful opportunities, and how much because you get Chaos hits for more trivial things than you can get Law gains for.



Morte: "Wha - are you BLIND?! She was scouting me out! It was shameless the way she WANTED me."
NO: "Wanted you to go *away*, maybe. She was obviously too distracted by ME to pay attention to some stupid bobbing head with a big mouth."

And this is a -1 Law hit, and so are things like simply using any dialogue line on a zombie.


If these things need to be Chaotic hits (which makes some sense), then the actually important stuff - delivering on promises, telling truth when it matters to someone or costs you something, displaying fairness, opposing crime and anarchy - should have more weight.


To compare, do you get any Law points at all for making a vow and keeping your word to Amarysse? I'm viewing the dlg files in NearInfinity atm and not seeing any gains.

I feel stuff like that should weigh more because it actually affects the world in ways that matter to someone. Nodd getting Amarysse's money as opposed to you stealing it is, well, not of world-shaking significance, but it matters to someone. The joke might have - at most - hurt Morte's feelings briefly, but chatting up a zombie affects exactly nothing.


Another example:

You can get a total of -3 Chaos for throwing your voice around Marta (-1 for 3 consecutive opportunities). I've scanned for "Law","Global","3" to see comparable +3 to Law gains. There are only a few of them, and they're weighty stuff - Vowing to Dak'kon that you'll find a way to free him, or refusing Coaxmetal an opportunity to go on a rampage across the Multiverse (arguably the most important decision you'll make in the game), things like that. And the gain from that can be erased by harmlessly messing with some villager for a minute?


And then there's -5 for playing with the modron cube.


Of course more weight in either direction should go to actions that you aren't already pressured into. For example, lying to flatter or appease someone as dangerous (and important to your quest) as Ravel is at most weak evidence of chaotic personality. Even a law-abiding person who deals fairly with others might do so when so much rides on her favor. But telling the truth under such circumstances is strong evidence of a lawful personality. (This seems done well with Ravel, with the +3 for calling her ugly and no loss for most of the flattery.)


Similarly, saying truthful things if it doesn't really affect you means little (this is really 95% of the dialogue in the game, and righly so), but lying just to be an asshole, like when you tell Nodd that his sister is a particularly foul whore, is a strong indicator of, well, being a lying asshole :P, and should be a larger Chaotic hit than making a snarky joke.


As to the Dustmen in the Mortuary: I think that part is best left as it is. I feel like the game set it up penalty-free to be fair about the situation it dumps the player in.

What I mean is that you're in a situation where everyone here will kill you just for being what you are, and for being here. And escaping peacefully is not a given. it requires at least one of these:
- Charisma for Deionarra, so you can learn about the portal
- Charisma to avoid triggering hostility from the two guards near the entrance (regular Dustmen have the option "I'm here to see Dhall", but these two don't).
- finding the portal by by metagaming (or sheer luck for first-time players), which I'm not counting here
- what the game considers a chaotic disposition (willingness to chat up zombies) for Vaxis; I consider this one luck, since is not something predictably useful to do
So if you're a Lawful schmuck without above average charm, there's no way out without either metagaming, snapping someone's neck for a disguise, or open combat.

And yeah, enemies move slower and the AI stops chasing you after a while, but this is the player's mechanical knowledge. In-character, once combat starts you have every right to feel like a cornered rat (remember, there's nowhere to run to, because you don't know of a viable exit!), so everything you do falls under broadly understood self-defense or at least self-preservation. So yeah, nothing to fix here IMO.