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07 July 2010 - 08:32 PM

Hi again all, Midnight here to do my official review of Ninde. Ninde is an attractive female elf wizard, specializing in necromancy. Mysterious, flirtatious, dangerous-what secrets does this woman have and will you live long enough with her around to find out? Lets dive right in and find out!
Ninde is a bg2 npc mod by Deva and K'aeloree of spellhold studios. She is a female elf, NE, with avg stats-(str9, dex15,con10,int16,wis16,chr15). She can be romanced by males of all races and alignments with chr 13+, after they side with Aran Linvail of the shadow thieves. She can be found in Bodhi's vampire lair in the graveyard, on the first level, at the blood pool containing the mace of disruption. She is fairly balanced in terms of power and provides a good caster npc all said and done.
Pros-She comes with a fixed necklace, an ankh that provides her with some special abilities. The rest you can gear out as you wish. Her romance is quite entertaining, but also has a friendship track for those not interested in wooing her. Original portrait included, 3-4 banters with all vanilla npcs, 1 encounter in level six.
Cons-the ankh can be a con in the sense that she wont remove it and there are some good necklaces for casters in the game-I think it originally protected from level drain but it has had some bugs with it-the current fix can provide 100% immunity to poison. You will need to download the Ninde ankh hotfix.rar (see page 2 of her forum and look up Gen1e's reply for the link). No crossmod banter -at this time. No ToB content -again, not at this time. Needs a voice actress! Make SURE to keep alot of saves with her-some of the lovetalks only fire at certain times and/or places (lovetalk 13 only in underdark for instance). I would read up on her lovetalks here on the forums before playing, or you can end up going too fast like I did and having to go back to much earlier save points. Rare occasions of npcs not spawning when they should, npc in chapter six comes to mind.
Overview-I would recommend Ninde! For all her saves and love talk firing issues, Ninde is HIGHLY well thought out and written. She is a lying, conniving, manipulative woman who will use you and anyone else she can to get ahead in this world and make you feel great about it. She is what Vaconia -should- have been in my view. Born to nobility but living in the twilight world of thieves, assassins and vampires, she will make you keep multiple saves just to see her different takes on situations as they occur. She had me wondering till the very end of bg2 if she was going to fall in love with my character or cut his throat. She can work well with good or evil parties, gets along well with Viconia and Haer Dalis'. She is the persona incarnate of wicked, naughty, and evil girls you all loved and hated at the same time. If I had my wish-it would be for the following improvements for her-she needs a sexy voice actress bad! Tob content asap, love talk firings smoothed a tad, cross mod banters (esp with CoMs Miriam Delsol of Vampire Tales as they have so much in common, albeit from different angles). And the ankh hot fix incorporated into the next version. If you want an evil caster for a change of pace, or just want to try a wickedly delicious romance, you should give Ninde a try soon. With me, Ninde earned a solid 7 out 10(bordering on 8).
PS-all reviews are opinions based on x2 walkthroughs, how much I enjoyed the character and their story, interactions with vanilla npcs, writing style, bugs, and character flexibility. I am not connected with SPH or the writers of the mod. My scale of mods ranges from 1-10, with 5 being middle of the road average. 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. Ninde was a fun mod to play and I thank her designers for the good work on her! -thanks all for reading my review. Until next time, Excelsior!


10 December 2009 - 11:26 PM

Hello all again, Im Midnight, the late night reviewer of mods both good and bad.  Like my previous posts, Im writing again after midnight over this months review of a popular mod, Fade-the romancable tiefling shadowthief.  Tonights review is a pretty well know figure for the mod community so this wont take anyone by storm, but if you -the reader- are browsing for useful mods for the first time, this is for you especially. Lets dive right in.  
     The basics about Fade-she is a stright up theif(no kit), female, romancable to male pcs, who side with Aran Linvail at his hideout(the shadowthief headquarters in the docks).  She is a tiefling -half demon/half elf-all woman.  She starts out at lvl 13 which might be higher then you depending on when you get to that point in the game. No outragous gear or powers -though she does start with shadow studded leather +3 (equal to quest reward for killing Mae'Var), and a standard +2 short sword.  
     Her pros are shes well rounded as a thief, pretty simple to pick up and utilize, with very few problems that plague the standard vanillia npcs--if you trust her to just be a friend/teammember, shes fine with that, the romance is standard in that you have to show trust, friendship without being cruel (you can be naughty though) and shes down with that too.  Think of her as the "bad girl/biker chick" from across the tracks dressed up in black leather, and you have a good idea of Fade.  She does behave as a fairly good npc though(rated pg), and hates slavers in any shape/form/idea, based on her past.  She wont force you into quest decisions though (be careful with evil decisions for slaver quests though).  As a shadow thief in good standing, she will give access to a few small extra quests for the shadow thieves (including meeting Arans Mom...), but nothing super hard.  For all that she talks about, and is presented as loving "shiny things" and/or being sticky fingered, she doesnt behave like this ingame to the point where the non playable quest-giving NPCs get angry at you.
     Her cons are few-her flirt/romance/banters are all SoA content atm, and while you can take her into ToB, shes going to be very quiet.  As a stright thief, she lacks some of the sharp definations of the  kit rogues(namely super x7 stabbiness of the assassions, etc) but gives up those for overall utility.  Shes more entertaining the Yoshimo in my view, but thats just my taste.  She does have some quests involving getting kidnapped/vampire/family squables that I dont want to give away spoilers on, but they are not easy-you will have to read the hints carefully and do some deductions/guesswork (I had to forum hunt around for help on one and explored alot for the others).  Oh, and minor con-her portrait isnt my personal favorite-but thats just me.  I was not able to find any alternate portraits for her at this time.  
     Overall opinion- Well, Ive run this mod through Soa twice now-Fade is an enjoyable mod that was remarkably free of bugs -major and minor, and will interact quiet well with your pc and party members while in SoA.  Shes maintaince free mostly, and wont kill other party members or stomp off; she cant stand Nalia though (rich girl vs poor girl situation), so if you want to see some great bickering banters between them, group them both :P.  The biggest drawback to me is lack of ToB content at the present.  For parties looking for a good rogue, you could do far worse.  I would give Fade a 7 out 10 on my scale.  Until next review folks, Excelsior!!


01 December 2009 - 09:51 AM

Welcome to the midnight review once again, with todays mod -Tsujatha. This mod introduces Tsujatha, a male elf Necromancer specialist, whom you can find just inside the planar sphere in the slums. You need not active the planer sphere to get him, just enter it (and can even boot out Valygar from your party if you wish once the door is open and your inside). Tsujatha is an interesting mod to be sure, but harder than some to play. He is set up in the "bad boy" style of Harlequin novels, a powerful, evil man with a good heart that only the right girl can tame. He is pretty ruthless along the way with other npcs and wont take much lip from anyone, but if the player charector is female and good aligned, he will show a tender side occasionally, and is romancable. Tsujatha is a pretty solid mod if you want a fairly good caster npc, and his personal quest can result in some good armor for a tank in your party(hard fight though), but be cautious; he does not get along with some npcs, as i learned to my dismay (happy-party mod will NOT help in this regard either). You should get some warnings if its coming though. In short, he is from another world/plane so he is a little different from the average elf, and his background gives him a connection to the player charector's role as a bhaalspawn in the sence he can relate to you. Being from elsewhere is also a good way to explain how tsu can do some certain things occasionally. He wont steal the game from you though, he is diffintely a supporting mod, and is a good choice for evil to partially good parties. havent tried him yet in a holy roller group (paladins/rep 20+) but im sure he would be a riot. His stats and gear arent too overpowered, which is a plus and his banters are fairly entertaining. The biggest advantage to this mod is his romance though, if you want the bad boy romance that kelsey, Anomen, and others just dont offer-this guy is for you. For the evil types though or male players, he is just a fair caster mod, so unless you want an evil caster other than Edward, I would look at other mods personally. The girls who try this mod will diffinetly like the romance angle though, which has both SoA and ToB content. I believe he comes with 3-4 pictures and is voiced-I would have to give Tsujatha a solid 8 out of 10 rating -a very entertaining and bug free mod (so far) to see at least once through. My only criticism was the inparty fight he had that cost me a tank and thus a 5 man run through the underdark (i did ignore the warnings though), and the fact that no matter what the charector does in the romance (doing all things right), you really cant reform him at the end (which is realistic, kinda -shrug). Untill next time, Excelsior!
-Midnight, mod reviewer


23 November 2009 - 03:13 PM

Its Midnight once again, here to review one of the better known npc mods-Kelsey. Before I begin, I just want to say this is a partial review, as I like to run a mod twice through from start to finish, in order to check for bugs, story interaction, script flow and enjoyability before I give my opinion on the mod, so still got 1 run though to go offically. For first impressions though, I would have to say Kelsey is a pretty good mod overall. For those who havent tried him yet, Kelsey is a good aligned human male sorcerer who is romancable for females. He has a fair amount of interactions with the player and the stock npcs, and some good cross banter with custom npcs as well. You diffinently get an npc that follows the charactors lead, without trying to steal the spotlight, and you can save his bacon in more than one encounter with his stalker ex gf (actually some girl he met once that fixated on him). Unlike most npc mods, Kelsey isnt super or exciting in regards to background-he is a merchant on bussiness in Amn, and doesnt even require your help to wrap up old grudges or family feuds, he just wants to join you for some interesting adventure. I was very impressed playing a sorcerer for the first time, the flexability they offer is quite impressive if you've only tried mages before. The overall interactions can be a tad stale though, though my first run through is without the romance-2ed run will be to see that aspect. I was a little disappointed with the dropoff interactions in tob-I didnt see but one time he talked with Imoen which was suprising, since he supposedly will romance her if the player isnt into him. It was nice to have an npc though that doesnt need counciling or moans about somesuch every 5 minutes. My only advice so far from what ive seen is he needs to have a "conclusionary" quest that will help resolve his family issue with his uncle and stepmom-its a minor story he brings up a few times, not super important to the ongoing plot but it did get my interest somewhat-and the mod never followed up on it. His portrait too is well, bland. I would suggest if you like his mod and want to do the romance--use another picture. The voice acting for this mod is top notch however, and I've yet to discover a bug in the mod yet. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best, I would give Kelsey a 8 out of 10 ranking. Give him a run for your next good aligned party and see what you think of him. Until next time, Excelsior! -Midnight, Mod Reviewer


17 November 2009 - 04:56 PM

Hello all, Im Midnight and I recently dusted off my copy of BG2 and Tob and gave them another go around. I was pleasantly surprised that this game of old still has a dedicated following, with tons of good (and not so good) mods to support it-This review focuses on one of my favortite NPC mods-Saerileth. Without preamble, let us dive right in. First off, this mod is professionally written quality-with a good portrait, music, dialogue, banters and flirts. The charector Saerileth is a 15 year old girl from the planes, sent on a mission to aid you and follow you around as she hunts for a celestial criminal. She isnt overpowered(very low str and con) and isnt set up skill wise initially to handle Carsomyr if you plan on using it. She presents some pros and cons right off. The biggest for most gamers (and the one that makes this a riskee mod) is she is 15 years old-if you plan on a romance and that bothers you, dont use this mod. That said, she is remarkably mature for a 15year old(more than most girls i know twice her age). If you can remember that its a game and from her culture that is the age that girls begin to get married-knock yourself out. She will talk to you -alot- too; if you dont like chatty npcs, dont run with her. She will follow your lead mostly, but she will keep you on the stright and narrow -hello! paladin here! Cross those lines and she walks. Ive tried several npc mods over the last 2-3 months and Saerileth is remarkably well written, with very few bugs ive found. She comes with some cross banter options for other npc mods, has some good interactions with the vanillia npcs (trust me, Viconia and Saerileth will NOT like each other), and in general will greatly enhance your game. Her quests in TOB are kinda light, but if you followed her romance, you and she will be discussing the future alot(kids, living locations, etc). I think she could use some better ToB content, diffinetly some more banters with the other group members some. But if your looking for a top quality npc mod and can enjoy working with one that defines the essence of a lawful good npc, than I highly reccommend you give this mod a try. Im currently giving it a second run to shake down any bugs, and the only major one ive coming across is the 2 stat books you get as a reward after killing demogorgon in watchers keep dont seem to work. In answer to that, just createitem book 07 and 08 and you can circumvent this for now till they fix it.
Im also reviewing Fade, Kelsey, and Keto next month, if your interested in catching my review then, even though im sure they have tons of reviews atm, just adding my 2 cents. Tilll then kids, Excelsior! -Midnight, mod reviewer