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In Topic: BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

31 January 2016 - 07:38 AM

Why does Standardize Shapeshifting from Klatu's Tweaks & Fixes never gets installed in my game? Here is the error, I always skip it, if someone can help me solve this error, I'd appreciate it:


Using Language [English]
NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Standardize Shapeshifting
D:\GOG Games\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition>
ERROR: End_of_file
Standardize Shapeshifting (Klatu Tweaks and Fixes) was not installed due to errors.
EDIT: Looks like the error incurs when the setup asks you for confirmation of your selections:
You have selected the following options:
 * Always incur 100% divine casting failure on polymorphed creatures (default)
 * Always incur 100% arcane casting failure on polymorphed creatures (default)
Proceed with these choices? (enter 1 or 2)
1) Proceed with installation.
2) Re-select choices.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
ERROR Installing [Standardize Shapeshifting], rolling back to previous state.
When I install it manually and click on "1) Proceed with installation." it installs fine, with no problems.
This is only possible if you do not choose the last subcomponent (although I can not imagine how this can be done).
I see in zonx's WeiDU.log that this component was installed, but I don't know if he had any problem with it. I myself have tested the installation of this component with different combinations of subcomponents, and it is always installed perfectly. The only way I was able to repeat this error is edit User.ini before installation and delete "2090?5_1" in "Current" block. So did you happen to edit this file before installation? And, did you try to install only this component without any other mods?


In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

21 January 2016 - 02:13 AM

I am reviewing the changes in Baldurdash 1.73 for compatibility with BG2 Fixpack.  Has anyone else looked at this already?
There is a new tweak in with the "core Baldurdash fixes" component:
Roxanne is right, it from BG2 Tweaks:

Here is another new one:

//Drow Item\Avatar Fixes (agb1: new in 1.73)
COPY_EXISTING ~baldur.bcs~ ~override~
EXTEND_TOP ~baldur.bcs~ ~BDash\BAF_t\tBALDUR.BAF~
Edit:  What am I doing wrong with my spoiler tags?
Contents of tBALDUR.BAF:
Not new. It was in BDash 1.68 and named "Half-Orc Romance & Drow Item\Avatar Fixes".
Two more new tweaks, still in the core fixes component:
And The Imp is right too. BG2 Tweaks again:
As for me, it is best to comment out these tweaks in BDash and allow player to choose to install corresponding components or not through BG2 Tweaks.

In Topic: BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

21 January 2016 - 02:10 AM

Just a quick question.  I was running a "tactics" install yesterday and there were several instances where it prompted me to skip or install a component because another mod already included a similar component.  One example I remember involved monk fists and the mods Baldurdash, Sword & Fist?, and another one I can't recall.  I skipped the first option but then it didn't install Tortured Souls because Baldurdash was missing.  I think a tactics install has similar prompts with the AI mods like SCS.

This might not be the only reason ... As the BDash fixpack got a new name, it also renamed the .tp2 file, and as such, the NEJ's requirement for the BDash .tp2 name might not be the correct one, so the component that is required is not in the weidu.log cause it's simply wrongly named. This was previously fixed by the BWP Fixpack, but if the .tp2 name was changed, it's not likely applied anymore...

NEJ v691/v694 tp2 files do not reference BDToBv168 tp2.  v691 checks for Baldurdash indirectly by checking for an area BCS file.  v694 (which is a patch on top of v691) doesn't add any additional checks.  I also did a case-insensitive search in the BiG World Fixpack for BDToBv168 and found no matches except the BWP patches for Baldurdash itself.

"didn't install Tortured Souls" and it has request for Setup-BDToBv168.exe (If my memory serves me).

In Topic: BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

16 January 2016 - 12:41 PM

Hey guys, I just got this error in my current fresh BWS install, can someone help me solve it? Or atleast tell me what to do? Because in my previous BWS installation I didn't get this error at all.
Installing [Revised Critical Hit Aversion] [V4 8 Beta]
Copying and patching 4283 files ...
ERROR: [M#PIRBAN.ITM] -> [override/M#PIRBAN.ITM] Patching Failed (COPY) (Invalid_argument("Str.search_forward"))
Stopping installation because of error.


Oh, I didn't notice it before:

note: in the attached logs is the error referring to M#PIRBAN.ITM again, this is because BWS didn't download the recently committed item_rev update and i forgot to check that fact before installing. will check tomorrow.

But until now BWS used a link to version of IRv4, where is still not resolved this problem. Now fixed.

In Topic: BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

14 January 2016 - 06:59 AM

Actually, it has been updated a few days ago.