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New BG Item: Skeleton Key

05 July 2010 - 11:45 AM

I haven't messed around with BG for months, and can't remember much code for modding. I felt like starting a new game, though, and wanted to first introduce a new item: a key that can, ~once a day, cast a knock spell (maybe custom knock, range zero and no animation). Before I try and re-learn the weidu syntax, would anyone be willing/interested in writing one to add to Adventurer's Mart/High Hedge?

Sorcerer tweak -> 3e mechanics

25 June 2010 - 06:38 PM

Just got a new job and so I found my mind wandering. How about a tweak in the form of a script that catches when a sorcerer levels up? When you press the level up button, it could kick you to level 1 again (a la the SCS "choose NPC weapon proficiencies" script) to re-choose new spells. Maybe with an instant rest thrown in at the end?

Problem is, I can't figure anyone would want to re-choose all weapon proficiencies every time, or have HP float around with random dice rolls.

Custom selection common/action sounds not playing

16 February 2010 - 03:21 PM

Hi folks. I'm confused. I can't get the selection or action sounds to play for one of my customized CREs. They play for the rest. The non-playing sound was converted from WAVC to WAV using DLTCEP, from the in-game sounds PSEDUO01 and PSEUDO02, saved as STXPSD01.wav and STXPSD02.wav. I don't think my code is wrong. Is something amiss with the format DLTCEP has exported in? The other WAV files were not acquired via DLTCEP and all work great.

COPY ~PickyFams/sounds~ ~override~ //includes STXPSD01.wav and STXPSD02.wav, among others

  WRITE_ASCII 0x34 "SXpsd"
  SAY SELECT_COMMON1 ~~ [STXPSD01] //these 4 sound assignments won't voice in-game. Acquired via DLTCEP.

COPY_EXISTING ~FAMFAIR.CRE~ ~override/FAMFAIR.CRE~ //sounds from here out for other CREs work great!
  WRITE_ASCII 0x34 "SXfai"

  WRITE_ASCII 0x34 "SXfer"


So, is it a problem with the format from DLTCEP? I've attached the offending WAV files if anyone would like to see....

EDIT: I should add that the sounds that don't play in-game play fine when navigated to using NI, either directly from the override folder or from the CRE file.


EDIT2: attached files removed after problem solved.

Appending to Baldur.BCS

15 February 2010 - 02:53 PM

I'm writing a tweak involving summoning a custom creature which scales in strength with the PC, among other things. I've figured out the mechanics of such, but to accomplish I need to add a fair amount of scripting onto Baldur.BCS/Baldur25.BCS. Are there some limits to how long Baldur.BCS/Baldur25.BCS should be for the game to run smoothly, i.e. will excessive scripting cause stuttering in-game?


EDIT: If it is a concern, I'm just going to do a workaround involving summoning a temporary invisible creature with an AI script to apply the changes to my custom CRE, thereby reducing the clutter in Baldur.BCS/Baldur25.BCS. If I did so, would the best (i.e. non-noticeable) temporary creature be something like a custom invisible stalker? Thanks again!

EDIT2: Would said custom invisible stalker executing an AI script consisting of several ActionOverride() components become visible (i.e. show it's shadow?)? Or how about using the hiding Ashikurus from Durlag's Tower? Will the script break hiding?

Installing multiple copies of BG

09 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

My google-fu seems to be getting worse everyday.

Can anyone inform me how/link me to a page describing how I can install multiple copies of BG on my computer? I currently have BG+TotSC, BG2+ToB, and BGTutu installed. Now I'd like to install BGT while leaving the current installations untouched. Do I need to first install another BG2?