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BG2 mods failing to install

11 January 2019 - 02:17 AM

After several months, I've been attempting a new installation of BGII - SoA with the ToB expansion (by way of GOG) under Windows 7 Ultimate. Previous installations with a long list of mods have been successful and enjoyable, but for reasons unknown to me, now many mods fail to install, so I can't complete my installation process.


I follow the BiG World installation guide very closely to maximize compatibility. In these current attempts, I get as far as installing 1PP 4.1 (from a previous game installation on another machine), but that mod fails to install unless I create a 1pp-setup.exe file by copying and renaming weidu.exe. If I don't do this, launching the installer provided by the mod opens a window, some text flashes by, and the window closes. Afterward, if I check weidu.log, there is no indication that the mod installed, or other mention of it.


The same happens to some other mods, but not all. Is there a solution to this problem that will allow me to install mods successfully?