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Spontaneous Hilarity

12 March 2011 - 06:19 PM

Anyone have any stories from playing the series that just made them laugh? Unscripted things, I mean, not funny dialogue (of which there is plenty).

One just happened to me now. Ike had just finished telling the tourists on the ground floor of Durlag's tower its morbid history, and finished by saying:

We'll take a small break here before moving on, good people. Please, for your own safety, TOUCH NOTHING! TOUCH NOTHING and NO REFUNDS!

One tourist promptly decided to wander into a room. This was the result:

Area Conversion Messed Up

24 February 2011 - 03:29 PM

Basically, the Dark Horizons mod creates a new trigger for entry to a house in Central Baldur's Gate (AR7700, AR0700 in the original unmodified game). Entering the house (CM0750) causes no problems, but when you try to exit, it crashes. I had a look at the logs and the areas, and it turns out that the exit from CM0750 is still pointing at AR0700 instead of AR7700.

Attached are the WeiDU logs, ToBEx logs, and the areas themselves.

Apologies if this should be in the BGT forum or somewhere else.

EDIT: Also, I managed to fix it using Near Infinity, so just letting people know about the problem, really.

Very Odd Problem

07 February 2011 - 12:05 AM

Apologies if this has come up before, but I couldn't find this problem anywhere on the net. Basically, whenever anyone in the party is hit by something, either by a physical attack or a spell, I get the "Char was immune to my damage" message from the creature that attacked. It is possible to die, however, as I sent a Level 6 Minsc up to the "Little a Sister" encounter in the Jovial Juggler Inn in Beregost (part of the NT/DSotSC mod) and he was killed by a Death Spell. I have no idea what could have caused this, and I get the feeling that this is a freak occurrence because of my install. I used the BWS beta so I could customise things a bit, and I've attached the WeiDU log if that helps.

To be honest, it doesn't bother me that much as it just saves me from reloading a lot Posted Image

I'm not really expecting a fix for it, this is just letting you guys know that this can actually happen. Think of it as a curiosity or something.

Missing Torgal in de'Arnise Hold

12 May 2010 - 07:37 PM

First of all, massive thanks to all the people that created and are maintaining the BWP, this is an epic undertaking and to have so many mods work together in any fashion at all is incredible. :Bow:
Also, apologies if my issues have already been addressed elsewhere; I couldn't find anything to help me using a site-specific Google search (since the internal search system is till down).

Anyway, first problem is with the world map. It was fine for BG1, but when transitioning to BG2, it seems to have been corrupted, as you can see:

Posted Image

This only seems to happen when going from BG1 to BG2 when playing with the BGT; starting a new BG2 game doesn't seem to cause any problems.

Next, the merchant that is supposed to appear 5 days after you first go to the Athkatla City Gates isn't spawning when he should. I checked my game with ShadowKeeper (and IESE), and the Globals associated with the merchant and the thug that harrasses him ("aemerch" and "aeextort" respectively) are missing. On a sidenote, the first place I went from Waukeen's Promenade was the City Gates, and a Vampire was there killing 2 Shadow Thieves. Could this have prevented the Globals from being set? In any case, it's not that big a deal to me, just something to look into I suppose.

The Torgal thing is a showstopper, though. From what I can piece together using Near Infinity, Torgal is part of the de'Arnise Hold's Cellars (ar1301.are). For some reason, something is removing him as soon as you enter ar1301. I tried CLUA'ing "Torgal" in, but he is still destroyed immediately. CLUA'ing in "Torgal2" or Torgal3" (the near death and regenerated troll versions of him respectively) works fine, but obviously screws up the quest because you miss the dialogue you get when you first encounter "Torgal". Checking the game with ShadowKeeper, the Globals "PlayerToldOfTorgal" and "TorgMove" are missing. Also, looking at Torgal.cre, shouldn't he have at least a Race Script?

Regarding my installation, I had two minor problems. One was that the BWP FixPack failed to patch "tactics2\nforest\scripts\drake01.BAF", and the other was that "Level-50 Ruleset (Code By King Diamond)" from BP failed to install. There weren't any problems when I tried to play, so I figured the install problems weren't major. They aren't, right?Posted Image  I've attached both my BWP Debug and WeiDU logs, as well as the "setup-bpv179.debug" log, and my Torgal.cre, ar1301.are ar1301.baf files if they help.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone manages to give.

Attached File  Weidu.rar   9.98K   157 downloads
Attached File  AR1301.ARE   13.21K   203 downloads
Attached File  AR1301.BAF   3.24K   190 downloads
Attached File  BiG World Debug.rar   170.97K   203 downloads
Attached File  SETUP-BPV179.rar   227.88K   164 downloads
Attached File  TORGAL.CRE   4.06K   196 downloads

BWS v9.0 Extraction Problems

02 April 2010 - 04:45 PM

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything using Google and the forum search engine is borked, so...

Basically, I'm running Win 7 x64 Ultimate, and it seems that BWS can't extract the mods after downloading them. I've turned off UAC and PCA, done a fresh install of BG1 and 2 (to D:\Black Isle...), patched them, done a quicksave for both, ejected the CDs and downloaded all the mods via BWS. The only thing that is non-standard is that I've had to manually get BPSeries v4.00 and edit the relevant component in BWS (ie renaming and changing bytesize) since v3.61 is no longer available. I did this for an 8.3 install in Win XP, and it worked, so I don't think that's the problem.

As you can see from the log, I'm getting a weird extraction problem. Does anyone know of a way around this? I tried extracting everything manually, but that seems like a fools errand; the paths were all messed up.