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In Topic: [MOD] The Darkest Day z

11 March 2016 - 01:19 PM

DD1000.are search map allows you to walk everywhere in the southern part of the map (e.g. on the water - unless it is supposed to be frozen and intentionally...)

I stupidly replaced ice color...  :whistling:



Here again, the whole conversation with Alustriel reflects that the PC has already defeated Irenicus and by this partly set the events of the quest in motion.

If dialogs talk about Irenicus, I think it's better then to do as original TDD (but i 'll wait 1 week for other players)

As you can see I never really read dialogs, coding and killing dragons is enjoyable enough for me  :blush:

In Topic: [MOD] The Darkest Day z

11 March 2016 - 11:08 AM

Ok, I'll try to do as you suggest


What annoys me is to test it. Have to install/uninstall mod, goto hell, defeat Irenicus, come back to Ellisime to have the starting dialog...

Have to dig variables/triggers to see I can sort of "mock"/shortcut it...


Be right back in 2-3 weeks !

In Topic: [MOD] The Darkest Day z

11 March 2016 - 10:10 AM

This means the TDD stuff is prior to defeating Irenicus - the transition to ToB is from Ellesime - not from Rusty Scabbard after the TDD quest. Correct?





(I never play this part in original TDD and) I didn't see anything from TDD Ellisime dialog looking like a transition to ToB so her transition is only from vanilla BG2

In Topic: [MOD] The Darkest Day z

11 March 2016 - 09:28 AM

Everything are in v1.2


You could try my test for OnsetoftheDarkestDay:

. Create a new game

. MoveToArea("Ar2800")

. Skip vanilla cinematic

. Skip vanilla Elhan dialog

. Go get items for Rillifane Temple (or create them: miscb1, miscb2, miscb3)

. Ctrl+J to Rillifane Temple

. Enter Rillifane temple, ask Rillifane to destroy all enemies

. Skip vanilla cinematic

. Go talk to Elhan, short vanilla dialog occurs

. Talk to Ehlan a second time, this time he will ask you if you want to go to  Candlekeep, this is the start of the OnsetoftheDarkestDay


So everything is done with Elhan rather than Ellisime, and she is free for any vanilla/other mods contents 

This is the easier way I found (use existing dialogs/context without adding/altering too much) to provide compatibility for every mods.

In Topic: [MOD] The Darkest Day z

09 March 2016 - 09:08 AM

One minor issue for soldiers in area DDCT33.are with script demgrdrx.bcs

They just stand around without attacking nearby demons, maybe distance trigger needs to be increased?

Even with a trigger distance set at 30, and a fine debug with C:WriteScript("DebugScripts"), these crazy guards don't attack; however I replace them with another guards; they will attack now



1) This is inherrited from original mod but could use the chance now to correct it - in area DD9X00 there are a number of creatures named *Arabs* or *Arabic Thugs* - those should be corrected Calishite Thugs, Calishite Citizen etc...

*Arabs* and *Arabic Thugs* are replaced by *Calishite* and *Calishite Thugs*



2) You can only leave DD0200 to the worldmap but not to Riatavin itself (although you are supposed to be in a quarter of that town). The western rim of this map should rather be a travel region back into town instead of a worldmap exit.

There is a direct exit to Riatavin at SW (NW exits to worldmap). Now I override NW, so both exits go to Riatavin directly




1. The stringrefs in BGarival.baf (Cutscene) are wrong, the text shown in the cutscene are random texts from dialog.tlk In the baf file they are stringrefs rather than references to the tra file





2. Issue with Grazzt02 script - it causes a CtD in the middle of the fight - I checked weapons/animations etc without result. I assigned simply attack,bcs to him and no issue. So there is something in his script causing the CtD but I could not figure out what - I could exclude his additional summons, they all work - it must be some other spell he uses after about 30-40 seconds into the fight.

Never think he could live this long to invoke his magma elementals; fixed



4. Raiseart.bcs has the same issue as #1 above, wrong stringrefs




- area DD9007 - the minimap shows the entry to Suldanessalar (uses the Tethir forrest map)

Its .MOS has no entrance now




=> Version v1.2 available here: https://github.com/B...leases/tag/v1.2


And many thanks to Roxanne  :new_thumbs: