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Collectible items and shop ( BG 2 )

26 October 2016 - 10:06 AM

Howdy all :)


Oh my it's been quite some time since I last got in here! I hope you're all well! Miloch - you especially!


OK, I have a question for you über dudes and dudettes. Basically, I've made items which are supposed to be sold by a wizard.


Here are my questions:


1.) The Wizard is supposed to use "Components" just like Cespenar, to forge weapons/armors/helmets and stuff, by certain amount of custom items I have. Lile... 30 red crystals do one thing... 12 red crystals + 2 kings tear + 2 rogue stone do another... etc, etc, etc... How do I do that? You know... similar to Equalizer when it is getting forged.


2.) How do I make a custom wizard dude npc shop :D 


Thanks in advance!