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DA: Mods

13 November 2009 - 04:36 PM

Just something I figured I could share with you. These are some of the first mods made for the game.

First off, the dexterity mod, made by Georg Zoeller, lead system designer of DA. It's sort of a testrun for a future patch; this fixes the issues with dexterity and daggers (making their damage 0.5 str / 0.5 dex, as they are supposed to be, rather than 1.0 str), and makes bows significantly stronger, as well. Rogues, don't leave home without it.

Second, Character Respecialization, which allows you to completely respec your own and any of your companions with ease. Look for the Raven in the camp after installing it. Warning: make sure you have unlocked their specializations before you attempt this, cause you need them available as a choice to be able to pick them at all. Make a backup save for security.