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Big World BGT install with issues

10 July 2010 - 10:42 AM

I have attached my Weidu log.

I have successfully installed this whole thing and it seems to work fine, but, there are a couple of problems. The only one I really care about is the failure to attack problem, but, maybe the other problems are related and might help someone diagnose the problem:

1. Certain monsters do not attack. They are red, my characters attack them, but they just stand there and get killed, they dont attack me. For example, Black Talon Elites on the Cloakwood Mines map do not attack, although Bandits do attack. The Archdruid at the northwest corner of that map does not attack, but his bears do attack. The Shadow Druid Archdruid in Cloakwood 3 does not attack, but his generic druid cronies do attack. Gnolls in the northern Map of Bone Hill dont attack, but wild dogs on that map do attack.

Similar stuff throughout the game, certain things attack and others dont.

2. After i save the game, the area beyond my characters line of sight is completely blacked out, even if i have explored it. Also, the edges of the blacked out area are blocky instead of grainy. I can fix this by viewing the area map and then coming back to the game.

3. Sometimes the battle music does not shut off, i have to save the game to make it stop.

i only really care about the first one. its lame.

Any thoughts?

martin tells me to bugger off...cant do his quest

28 June 2010 - 11:20 PM

title pretty much explains it...Martin just gives me some guff about upsetting the balance. no option to ask him about almax's issue.

went back to almax and he has nothing to say about it either, only option is to open his store.

Mobs not attacking

26 June 2010 - 12:18 PM

I have noticed that about 10% of the mobs i run into just stand there and let me kill them without trying to fight me.

anyone seen that before?

I have all these mods in the BGII - SoA folder

24 June 2010 - 09:45 AM

I have attached a screenshot showing the problem.  on the left you see the BWS command line running and it has a list of mods that it says are not in my BGII - SoA folder.  On the right you see my BGII - SoA folder with serveral of these very same mods clearly IN that folder.

if i run one of these mod applications, it goes through the whole process of setting it up right there, and that cant be rioght, whats the point of the BWP then?  if i run one of the mod applications in a separate folder it gives me an error saying it is in the wrong folder (and thats right, it is!)

what am i supposed to be doing here?

BG1 Missing Files

23 June 2010 - 06:11 PM

I am going through the instructions in biG World v9.1

I get to the part about how the patching of TotSC has deleted some files. Instructions say to unpack them into my BG main directory. But, where do i get them from?

I already have downloaded many of the mods I want to use. I do not want to use all of the features of all of the mods, so I dont want to use the BiG_World_Setup to automate this process for me.

Is it true that if i useBiG_World_Setup I cannot choose which parts of each mod I wan to install?

Is it possible to use BiG_World_Setup and have it access the files i have already downloaded?