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In Topic: Bigger fonts for Baldur's Gate

17 September 2014 - 02:45 AM

Seems odd as the existing floattxt.bam is not moved at all in the 18px and 20px ! But the toolfont.bam is twice in the two later cases ... what's up with that ?!?


Oh, indeed, thank you. It was ljbo who did the Weidu version of this, I barely touched it and I guess neither of us tested the 18 and 20 pixel versions.

Reuploaded the correct version now.


Also I look at a few very old instructions and there's a reference to the stonsml.bam file, which seems to be a normal.bam font file just renamed, but your mod doesn't have it. It might have been that Ghostdog's mod used a special code(Font_chu_patch.tph) that makes the GUI use the normal.bam instead of the stonsml.bam, so multiple of mods installed together would result in different output than each one as a single handily.


Yeah, I don't know what was up with that Ghostdog's patch. I guess ljbo just copied his code. This mod isn't supposed to make any changes to the GUI, so I removed the patch and all references to it.


As for the 4 pictures, Tooltips and Item Descriptions use the same font file, hence only 3 files.

In Topic: Bigger fonts for Baldur's Gate

17 September 2014 - 12:08 AM

Upon further inspection, I found out that using this method produces font files, in which letters are a little bit jumpy. Some glyphs are 1 pixels higher than they should be, or 1 pixel too far to the left, etc. It's less visible with some fonts, more visible with others (definetly more visible with my font, but less so with Arial... basically the thinner the font, the less there's problems with it)


I don't know whether this is the result of Beamdog's work, BMFont's or BGFNT's. Either way, some program works a little bit not as expected. The solution would be to take the font you're interested in and slightly alter the glyphs, for example to take the "i" glyph and move it 1 pixel down, etc.


I'll see about doing it some time this week, I think.

In Topic: Bigger fonts for Baldur's Gate

16 September 2014 - 11:30 PM

Hey. Some Japanese contributor made a tool to convert fonts into BGEE format.




Since it's all in Japanese, I'll leave you a short guide in English that I figured out through google translate.


1) Download and install BMFont: v1.13 (358KB)

2) Extract NORMAL.FNT and NORMAL.BMP from the game files. You can extract BMPs with WinBiff from data/fonts.bif and then extract FNTs with NearInfinity.

3) Download the Japanese BGEE Font Tool and unzip it: https://dl.dropboxus...ool_ver.1.2.zip

4) Place the NORMAL.fnt and NORMAL.BMP into the same folder with the tool. Then run through console: bgfnt -e NORMAL.fnt char.txt

5) A text file "char.txt" will appear. You will need it later. Now open the BMFont program.

6) Go into Options -> Font Settings. Use these settings:


Font: <your desired font>
Charset: Unicode
Size: <your desired size>
Render from TrueType
outline: CHECK
TrueType hinting: CHECK
Font smoothing: CHECK
Super sampling: CHECK
level: 2
Outline thickness: 0

Now go into Options -> Export Options:


Padding: 0 for all
Spacing: 1 for all
Texture: width: 1024 height: 1024
Bit depth: 32
Channel Value: "glyph" for all. Inverted is not checked.
Font descriptor: XML
Textures: png
Compression: Deflate



Now click Edit -> Clear all chars in font

And then Edit -> Select chars from file -- and now you open that "char.txt"


Now Options -> Save bitmap font as and save it under any name, let's say "test.fnt"


7) Now take "test.fnt" and "test_0.png" that the program generated and place them into the BGEE Font Tool folder.

8) Delete "normal.fnt" and "normal.png" from that folder. Then run: bgfnt -c normal.fnt test.fnt

9) The program will generate "normal.fnt" and "normal.bmp" files. Place them into the game's "override" folder (create one if necessary).




I only tried it with Arial so far, and it worked. I'm going to try it with my fonts now and update the first post if everything is in order.

In Topic: Bigger fonts for Baldur's Gate

31 July 2014 - 12:08 AM

French language would require not just one, but a dozen glyphs - éèêëçàâîôùûœ, etc. You could borrow the glyphs from basic letters and then manually draw the accents (except for œ, which would require some more effort). I could describe to you the pipeline if you're interested (would take you a few hours to do the whole thing, more or less).


On a side note, I've actually had the misfortune of playing the french version and it's just execrable - the voices, the translation, everything... it's better to avoid it if you can and play with a dictionary.

In Topic: Bigger fonts for Baldur's Gate

15 July 2014 - 09:02 PM

Trent Oster finally answered and as it turns out they are indeed using home-built tools. So with that, the hope of custom BGEE fonts is dead in the water I guess.