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Graphical texts reverted to English

25 July 2010 - 12:03 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm using widescreen mod and Ghostdog's UI fix. My resolution is 1024x768 and language version is Polish. With those two mods, everything seems to work just fine, but I've found one little problem: it seems that some of the elements of UI with graphical texts has been changed from those for my language into English ones. Namely, I'm speaking about short-cuts of attributes (STR, DEX etc.), visible on screens of Character Creation and Character Sheet. Attached screenshots show how they look without those mods.

Maybe it's not very big problem, but I would be happy if they could stay in version for my language and still be displayed properly with those two mods. If necessary, I can get the required files with help of Infinity Explorer, I just need to know which files I must get.

Can you fix this little issue, please?