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Ulgoth's Beard Artwork Intro Screen

26 November 2013 - 09:58 AM

Modding the Ulgoth's Beard MOS in BGEE to display as a textscreen when you first enter, it displays cropped for some reason.


The 'tiny cropped textscreen' problem isn't unique to the ulgoths beard mos - after (sadly) many hours experimenting around Im finding it occurs however I invoke TextScreen() when transitioning to the Ulgoth's Beard area.

This is beyond my technical paygrade so any help would be greatly appreciated please.



The ulgothst.zip savegame attached demonstrates the problem in a single click when you transition to Ulgoth's Beard on the map (place the three files in override and the folder in the savegames directory)

(fyi the bandit camp mos displays just to demonstrate it's not unique to the particular ulgoth's beard mos file)



The islon.zip shows in a single click what it should look like by swapping the default arrive.mos (a sailing ship, called by islon.2da, called by islon.bcs, called by menda2.dlg) for the ulgoth's beard mos
(put arrive.mos in override and the folder in savegames directory), then talk to mendas and set sail.


This is a frustrating problem no doubt with a simple solution that I'm just too inept to see!

Any advice please?