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30 September 2018 - 03:13 PM

Here you go:
Thank you Sam!!!!
It works great in your tool. Off to make same new items.
I hope it didn't take a lot of your time.

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29 September 2018 - 08:18 PM

You can, but you have to put the exported, "paletted" frames into the <.\PaletteGenerator\res\paperdolls> folder.  IIRC, I have only included the BG1 (non-EE) ones with the tool.  If you send me the *INV.bam files (the inventory paperdoll BAMs) of those animations or direct me to which 1PP mod they came from, I will be happy to extract the proper frames for you and include them in the tool.

If you can, it would be great. I'm using Erephine's 1pp V4, and all new *INV.bam & *OIN.bam files are here.
I tried exporting as graphic file with NI, but I get two files and nothing like your files in paperdolls folder.
Thank you!

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29 September 2018 - 03:47 PM

Not directly. "Equipped appearance" is set as two-letter code in the ITM resource (at offset 22 h). This code is part of the filename for BAM animations, that will be applied to the creature animation while the item is equipped. These files usually start with WP or WQ, followed by a letter that indicates creature size, followed by the equipped appearance code. For example, the code for helmets can be 'J6', so the associated BAM animation overlays may start with WQLJ6, WQMJ6 or WQSJ6 for large, medium or small creatures.


Thank you! This is helpful. I didn't know how to find right one between all of BAMs. I would change code and then enter a game, and all over again until I found right one.  :doh: It would be nice feature if we could see all changes from within NI. At least inventory look, if not in-game.


My PaletteGenerator can sort of do this.


Nice tool, thanks. It shows inventory looks and I like zoom feature. I think it is missing few 1pp looks. Ie, first item I tried to edit was Flail of Ages (BLUN14) and with 1pp in my game flails have 4 looks (FL, F0, F1 and F3). In your tool I only found FL. Can I import appearances from my game?

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29 September 2018 - 08:41 AM

Hi Argent!

Sorry if it is stupid question, but I want to edit an item and I can see its icon, description image and ground icon, but is there a way to see equipped appearance from NI?