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Crashing when entering Mebbeth's House (among others)

28 November 2010 - 09:37 PM

Hey all,

So I'm experiencing repeatable crashes (or outright system lock-ups) when doing the following:

-Entering any building in Ragpicker's Square (except for Sharegrave's Kip).

In short, I originally installed PS:T with the proper mods in the correct order (outlined in this guide). When I originally installed the widescreen mod, I shot for the full native resolution of my laptop (1400 x 1050). It ran fine for a bit, but I was noticing really bad slow-down when entering small buildings or being in a crowded area. None of those were really big issues until after I had moved on to the Wards.

When that hit, I decided to downgrade my resolution to 1024x768 and the performance increased dramatically. Even in busy areas, the game was playable again (yay!). So I did a bunch of quests in the Wards before deciding to tie up some loose quests. Going back to Ragpicker's Square (meaning to talk to Mebbeth and become a Level 8 Fighter / Mage) - it crashed horrifically when entering her shop.

I can't get around this, at all. Also, when entering other buildings in the area - same thing. The only building that works is Sharegrave's Kip - probably because I never stopped in there before I switched resolutions. I found a post about using a HEX editor on my .SAV files (correct?) here - but when I open my Torment.SAV files (in XVI32), any searches for the strings listed in the post aren't found.

Does anyone know how to work around this issue? I'm down for alternative surgery on my .SAV files, if need be.

Thank you,