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Corrupted files

30 December 2018 - 07:34 AM

Doing a quasi-mega mod install (none of the big BG1 mods) on linux with the classical BGs from GOG, ToBEx (running through wine) and BGT. Following the BWP guide (in broad strokes). After installing BGT Graphics Overhaul after BGT, opened up NearInfinity and made a check for corrupted files and got lot of errors. These were of two categories broadly. A few item files:

iploto1k.itm: newposition > limit (8 > 0)
iploto4h.itm: newposition > limit (8 > 0)
iploto4g.itm: newposition > limit (8 > 0)
iploto4i.itm: newposition > limit (8 > 0)

Tried to find what these items were but turned up nothing.

And lots of are and wed files complaining of bif not found, e.g. (just two examples, the list is too long):

xr5406.are: data/progtest.bif not found
ar0011.wed: data/area000a.bif not found

Should I be worried? Will these all go away eventually (say when I install Generalized Biffing?). And what about the items?

Thanks in advance for any help.


P.S.: weidu.log attached.