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Tsujatha dialog error ...

29 October 2015 - 10:59 AM

hideeho peeps!


tried searching for a match to my problem ... didn't find one ... so here's the issue i'm having ....


any time Tsujatha mentions the name of a person or place, a copyright symbol appears in the name.


it's not that big a deal ... really ... except it's making me dizzy when i read it ... i love getting old. not.


so any ideas? any help?


:D    here's a couple samples of what i'm seeing.

Attached File  tsujatha-error.PNG   42.84K   383 downloads


Attached File  tsujatha-error2.PNG   82.43K   375 downloads

"SetCurrentXP("")" Bug

17 September 2015 - 01:02 PM

Not sure how or why ... but if it's because of a mod or a fix ... I would like it "unfixed".

Unless of course it is a bug ...


If I use the "setcurrentxp" AT ALL it screws up my game.

Every time I restart (reload,whatever) it reverts my current xp to the minimum of some obscure low level ... takes me FOREVER to level up that way. This is a royal pain in the ass. If I could fix or unfix it myself I would. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this from a mod?


P.S. yes i like to cheat. what of it?

it's MY game.


Please help me. Someone.



If I sounded rude or accusatory ... I apologize ... my son decided to start an argument with me about letting him drive "my car" to a bar ...

etc ... at the same time I wrote this. "sigh"

Still mad at him ... lol ... kids, right?

NPC Pics

08 March 2015 - 05:10 PM

I just installed (again :D) the BWP/S etc ... only this time when I went to change the NPC pics (bioware's, my choice of Kelsey, Ajantis, and other romancable NPC's)

it wouldn't let me. I have chosen the after-clean-up option previously but it never prevented me from changing the pics before. Now when I try it, the override folder is empty.

I am really pissed. I hate the pics I am "forced" to use. Is there anything I can do?