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In Topic: Issue with NPC-NPC dialogues not firing

11 February 2013 - 09:49 AM


In Topic: NPC idea - Anishay

11 February 2013 - 08:30 AM

So...my advice would be to write it in a way that doesn't make the mod scream, "I'm a mod!" in the player's face.


Damn good advice that made me laugh to boot.


Erm. I assume this girl is going to be friends with Aerie, right? I'm sorry, but the Haer'Dalis fling came to my mind, and even though it would probably be a bit over the top to make any 'meddling' happen, I still find the thought amusing.

In Topic: NPC Idea: Sarevok

11 February 2013 - 07:51 AM

Use @gmail.com instead of @hotmail.com - it's valid. Hotmail may be no longer working, yep.


On-topic, I'm rather unsure the idea of Sarevok in SoA will come to be, however: it's been, what, over eight months since the first post? I'd say that once the first enthusiasm wanes, chances of the mod actually appearing are rather slim. Then again, some of us may live to see Aklon released; or even Keto ToB, maybe. 


Off-Topic, but...


I still weep for no ToB Ajantis :(

In Topic: Mod idea: A djinni companion

26 January 2013 - 07:24 PM

Actually I don't have much free time (preparing to become a Policeman is very hard in Spain nowadays...) but I'm going to install it (mid game now, in the Underdark) and see how he helps me.


Just thinking...... I don't know what you have planned and don't want you to spoil anything but... if finishing his quest and all that makes he free and obviusly grateful, and being a Djinni who can grant wishes.... are you going to add a Wish granted or something? I know you better not grant anything too powerful but story wise if someone help me get my freedom back after years and years of imprisonment and being a slave... I would gladly give them anything in my power.


So.... fixing something you could not avoid (Khalid, Dynaheir, Gorion, Yoshimo...) could be great. That would mean a lot more material for you to write and of course some negative opinions from people who would prefer Gorion staying dead for example, but you could simply not choose that wish.


I'll stop rambling now :) and try your light version.


Sounds cool to me, I like the idea, but I also see that it could cause a single NPC mod to turn into, (well, with what you have here,) 4 more mods. Eh, but as I always say, it depends on the author and the final outcome...and ultimately the decisions being made. Judging before completion is just silly.

In Topic: NPC: Caoco

23 January 2013 - 03:35 PM

Naw, you didn't offend me or anything. I was frustrated, but I know you all mean well. And you are all right, I over embellished the character. I do want to explain myself a little, though...I love original thoughts and characters, I get bored with characters who are like "Yeah, I came from this town, My mommy was this, my daddy was this, I love tacos, this is my god, I worship him, I think this and I think that..." And I'm sitting over here going "SHUTUUUUP!!!! You're so BORRRRRRRIIIIIIING!!!" The main reason I wanted to make Caoco is that I want MORE originality, MORE strange, borderline characters that have weird, twisted backgrounds, I want some MORBIDITY and fire. I was planning to make Caoco a sick bitch all together, a character that would befit a truly evil aligned party, a party where the main character wants to see the ruthless followers that would truly follow in the wake of the ascending Lord Of Murder.


Another thing that gets me is that I see A LOT of good aligned characters. no one makes evil characters, there are so few of them. For some time, I've sat back and looked at the romance mods and frowned at the lack of true evil-aligned content. I wish there was an evil aligned romance character for BG1 or just BG2 that looked with wonder and awe at the blood lust and violent nature of the PC. Something in vanilla that got under my skin quiet a bit with Anomen, mister dis-functional goody-two-shoes that served as the ONLY female protagonist choice, which you could control to make him good or neutral. If you wanted to play for evil, you were alone, while on the other hand, male protagonists got the choice of good, neutral, AND evil for romance options. Viconia is a great character, so is Aerie, and so is Jaheira. Anomen was good too, but his whining and uncertainty was enough to chafe until you couldn't take it anymore.


I wanted Caoco to break the mold and offer something even darker then Viconia, because I know I can't write a male character, as much as I would love to make the character that has some dark silhouette in the back of my mind.


But I'm ebbing off. I'm going to re-write Caoco and see what I can come up with. If I can't make her work, then I'm just going to scrap her altogether. I refuse to write a mod with mediocre results.