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14 October 2012 - 01:14 AM

Posted by: Zireael

Date posted: 14/10/2012

Looking for: Coder (bug fixes)


As you might know, I released my Khalid mod around a year ago. It is my first mod. I learned just enough to make it work. Lava Del Vortel was a great help, as were some others.... I kept planning to release two more mods (Safana & Dynaheir), but do not have time.

Since then, I've been made aware of some bugs which slipped through the betatesting. Alas, I know not how to fix them and RL takes up most of my time. Therefore, after around half a year of deluding myself that I shall find some time to learn how to fix them and do it myself, I post this call for help.

Bugs I am aware of include:
- traification weirdness (Polish text is mostly fine, but English text is sometimes messed up, eg. <CHARNAME> displayed in-game as <charname>, wrong lines being used, for example in kit description :arrow: If there are any typos which slipped through, I can't fix them due to the traification problems
- area and/or chapter dependent banters not firing

There is no deadline for the bugs to be fixed, although the sooner the better.

Any modder(s) who help(s) will be given credit in the mod readme.

The mod thread is here.