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05 May 2007 - 01:07 PM

IESDP stands for Infinity Engine Structure Description Project. It's a site dedicated to explaining the Infinity Engine from a modders/developers point of view. The IESDP has been around in various incarnations for several years, and has lots of information on almost everything, from scripting triggers/actions to file formats, to area filename lists, and more besides.

Go and look at it (https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/)

If you have any comments, spot any errors, want to contribute, or complain, pop over to the IESDP update forum:

Resurrection Index

05 May 2007 - 12:30 PM

This topic contains the readme files from the resurrected mods.
Note that contact/support information in the readme files may be out of date - support for these mods is now provided via this forum.

Adventurers in Papperland
Ajoc's Minimod
Authentic mischiefous Fairy Dragon
Blood of the Martyr
cbisson's Familiar Pack
Deeper Shadows of Amn
Difficult Brown Dragon
Domains of Dread
Druidic Sorcerer Kit
Freedom's Reign & Reign of Virtue
Heart of the Wood
King Dutka's Thief
Killing Wolf NPX
Mordan's Xmas Mod
Mortis minimod
PlanarSphere Mod
PlanarSphere Return
The Tortured Soul Quest
Unholy Gate Opening Ritual book