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Another installation...

16 November 2018 - 01:04 PM

Hello all :) I tried to install EET using EE-mod-setup..

and I got this... 


ERROR: Failure("resource [SPWI435Z.SPL] not found for 'COPY'")

Previously, I received error during installation of Stratagems components: Wizard and Divine spells from icewind dale, because similar component was used in IWDfication. I tried also to find this file and make changelog, but this file doesnt exist. How could I proceed with installation? Attached both weidu logs from both EE games. Thank you for your time :)

Brand fresh new installation of BGT

05 January 2018 - 05:56 AM


after some time I decided to install again BGT with classic versions of games, using latest BWS. SO after I checked all mods I want to have, i have continued the installation, if properly downloads the mods, except 1 NPC which I find that I dont needed, extraction is successfull too, but when Installation starts, i got those errors...

Tried several times, also tried to provide files with extracting, all was fine so i press continue.. got this:
The extraction of the following mod(s) failed:
BiG World Fixpack (includes Trimpack): The Mod itself (BiG-World-Fixpack-master.zip) ¹
Generalized Biffing: The Mod itself (generalized_biffing-master.zip) ¹
Cannot proceed installation without this essential mod.
Please extract the files that are marked as essential first.
Aborting the installation.
I really now dont know what to do.. any ideas how to fix that?
PS: no i dont want to install EET, becase there are not the mods I want in expected state :D